Death of A Lady's Man  

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12/16/2005 7:30 pm

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Death of A Lady's Man

Friday night.. gentle swirl of snow outside.. Miles Davis on the stereo.. reading Leonard Cohen.

Death of a lady's Man

A unique and twisted path through one man's consciousness.. A really interesting structure for a book of verse.. combining prose and commentary. It is this doubling structure of the commentaries (many of which adopt a strongly adversary role versus the original prose that provides the fascination of the book.

Leonard has found a form that perfectly embodies all the contradictions, self-divisions, ironies, and productive ambiguities of his poetic persona (and some might say my quixotic nature.

Death of a Lady's Man

How had I ever thought of mastering her?
With a hand of chrome and an immense
Gauloise cigarette she suggested
That I give up and worship her, which
I did for ten years. Thus began
The obscene silence of my career
As a lady’s man

And he is a pretty good songsmith.. plus he snagged Rebecca De Mornay too! Maybe it is time to listen to Famous Blue Raincoat again..

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