Claudia Emerson - Pulitzer Prize!!  

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5/18/2006 7:43 pm
Claudia Emerson - Pulitzer Prize!!

Well.. it was a very good year for women poets.
Far too often they have been underappreciated and ignored. Seldom if ever taught at universities.. relegated to a ghetto called feminist poetry…

My favorites have always included Plath.. Sexton.. Dickinson
Now a new shooting star.. Claudia Emerson ‒ Winner of the Pulitzer Poetry Award for 2006

Every summer I vow to read the year’s Pulitzer Prize winners. It is an excellent way to sample the best of American Literature. This was my introduction to this outstanding writer.

Here is to celebrating women.. not just as friends and lovers on AdultFriendFinder.. but as artists and visionaries leading the world.

One of my favorites from her below!

The Spanish Lover
There were warnings: he had, at forty, never
married; he was too close to his mother,
calling her by her given name, Manuela,
ah, Manuela – like a lover; even her face

had bled, even the walls, giving birth to him;
she still had saved all of his baby teeth
except the one he had yet to lose, a small
eyetooth embedded, stubborn in the gum.

I would eat an artichoke down to its heart,
then feed the heart to him. It was enough
that he was not you – and utterly foreign,
related to no one. So it was not love.

So it ended badly, but to some relief.
I was again alone in my bed, but not
invisible as I had been to you –
and I had learned that when I drank sherry

I was drinking a chalk-white landscape, a distant
poor soil; that such vines have to suffer; and that
champagne can be kept effervescent by putting
a knife in the open mouth of the bottle.

Claudia Emerson

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