My Ways.....  

pilos2006 43F
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8/8/2006 9:18 am

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11/3/2006 11:22 pm

My Ways.....

this post is mostly reffered to the people,
friends in the most,they say,that they rather talk than do.....
and it 's reffered to those that they still live the greek way of life, stucked on tabboos and greek customs and traditions.
you 've entered in a site, erotic sex swinger 's one and u act like your granny year ago gossiping about women...
you are here not to enjoy sex, not to have it but to tell
it is so sad that you miss life and you spend your energy
i am here for enjoying every drop,
it was curiosity that brought me arround but really i am glad to be here
i have few new friends ,people i met real time too and i must confess that i've enjoyed sex sometimes too....
i ll be arround searching for more and more
and you must know that bringing in pubblic what we had is my right too.......
and i m really hard on my judgements........

papyrina 51F
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8/11/2006 3:18 am

hugs honey you know how i feel about all the pathetic gossip going on,its sad and granny was probably less of a gossip than some of our members

I'm a

i'm here to stay

rm_Petegr3 49M
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8/11/2006 8:01 am

I just keep away from all of it. I have no need to judge others and so I do not want to be judged.
Anyway welcome to blog land, say what you want, write whatever you want and sure as hell someone will understand exactly what you mean. Again welcome.

rodi7782 42M

8/13/2006 12:52 am

hi there, pretty! u know i can understand excactly the point u r making here. i wish that everybody would think and act like u, not only here but in most situations and acts, of that play is called life. Unfortunately, as long as there are and will be Tatianas` in our lives we`ll always be weak and sleazy, "poor" and shallow swimmers who would never enjoy the richness of a deep dive in the wealth of the colourful and full of life sea... what we call Zwh.
take care...

pilos2006 43F

8/13/2006 2:57 am

I really know what "Z"wh means....
I really know what means to be kept alive...
Your own Will......

rm_mangkon5313 48M
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8/14/2006 6:16 am

new in Greece, i start to understand the greek way of thinking. Really amazing. continue like this

TwistMySpirit 37M

8/14/2006 9:07 am

I found this site through google.I wanted to find and meet new people not only for sex but also wanted to make new friends.Don't get me wrong sex is a wonderful gift from life but needs a process to be enjoyed from both males and females...
I have met some intresting people inhere...They confessed to me and I have confessed to them...They know my weaknesses,what I love and what I hate...Some of them have failed me,some not...
I admit that the first time I got in this site I though that all women wanted to get fucked.My mistake!
It's a site for the people who don't have taboos and enjoy also talking about sex and they are opened to discuss anything as far as it has to do with sex and the attraction between the women and men...The fact that we can add all kinds of pictures means that we are feeling confortable with our body and want to share it with some other people who believe the same...
Sex is a desire,an inner wish and make it true and heavenly need time,will and honesty...!

And I think you seem to be one of the persons here that you have them within you...Siren!!

rm_lalenka 40F
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8/16/2006 9:20 am

Gossip, mmmmmm, it's really bad. I wonder why people gossip especially men about their sexual achievements. Is it because they are so desperate that when they get some sex they have to tell everyone in order to boost their ego?


8/18/2006 6:22 pm

if u see me u can understand the worst nightmare spend 7 years to somebody reach my level haha its funny i am whatever u see and feel i am
your FEAR or your LOVE u can see the mirror inside my soul? dont u ever fucking judge the greekkkkk way all those years shit i spit on u nice blog puppy


8/18/2006 6:25 pm

if u see me u can understand the worst nightmare spend 7 years to somebody reach my level haha its funny i am whatever u see and feel i am
your FEAR or your LOVE u can see the mirror inside my soul? dont u ever fucking judge the greekkkkk way all those years shit i spit on u nice blog pile

rm_apostrofos 41M
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8/28/2006 6:51 am

I think that gossip is just a way of starting a new discussion with people you don't have something in common...
After a while when you can speek about other things the gossip goes away and enjoying life comes forward.
It's like in the village you have to talk with people that are tottaly different with you.. So You start with a "Good morning" "How's weather today" and end up with "John's wife was seen with George's son...BLAH BLAH"
If You are the subject of gossiping (and that doesn;t affect your job or other crusial things) just don't bother at all.

Don't be hard on the gossipers... Be yourself and have fun..

Guessman2 36M
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9/1/2006 4:49 am

I cant agree with you about the gossip and taboos part, havent heard any myself, then again, I rarely get on the chatsites. However, I do find that there is a certain amount of reservation within the Greeks, maybe because it is still a smaller, more tight-knit community than many western countries. In many ways we should be greatful for that.(Also, I love doing things which Im not supposed to, being naughty, lol).Slowly, but surely, even the greeks' mentality is opening up, and what is now taboo, I am sure will be alot less in a few years time.
For the time being, a big cheer for all us AdultFriendFinder members here, who have managed to put aside all restraints, socail and 'moral' taboos, and are seeking the fullfilment of our lives, dreams and innermost fantasies!

pilos2006 43F

9/1/2006 1:00 pm

thnx sweetie

TallSlimFunny 47M
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9/6/2006 9:18 am

People are gossiping only other people that make them feel jealous, with what they do or what they are or even what they have. Gossiping is another side of hidden envy. I hope that you will remember this, girl...

Smokey5481 35M
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9/13/2006 5:01 pm

i usually say i have done things that i havent done yet!!!.... lol.. BBBYYEYEYYE
they say the pen is migthier than the sord so why dont they all pick them up an win awards..... outtttttt piece.. . a bit of hypocricy wont do any harm. good night

rm_latinking_gr 41M

10/31/2006 1:43 am

Are u Jooking the people here inside?
FAKE pic!!! it is not your back side..........So sorry!

rm_geocask 39M
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1/26/2007 9:13 am


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