Movie Special Effects...  

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Movie Special Effects...

This is an older Post I'm importing from my former AdultFriendFinder Profile Alexsandra3693
(that I deleted when I was in a Steady Relationship)


For my birthday (Dec. 30th) my Special Fella I met on AdultFriendFinder took me to see the "Chronicles of Narnia" movie. We found a part of the theatre where there were only two seats in a row off to the side. (Unbeknownst to my sweetheart I had made some special preparations for this event) So as the movie progressed I took my jacket off and covered my lap with it. Next I unzipped my slacks. I started holding hands with my Fella and then I took his hand and guided it right down my pants. He seemed a bit surprised when it felt totally smooth down there with no fur whatsoever and no panties. He put his Magic Fingers right to work. (He has always been Very good with his hands) Soon he had me really hot and very wet. (He has been encouraging me to be more vocal and let him know what feels especially good) I was panting and moaning pretty loudly right at the part of the movie where Aslan the lion is being sacrificed on the stone alter. I'm saying "Yes ...Oh Yes ..." Luckily there was no one in the two seats in front or behind us. The battle scene was Very Enjoyable... I loved those "Special Effects" that only I was able to experience!

Thanx to my former AdultFriendFinder Sweetie for making sure I had a Very Happy 2005 Birthday...

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