Typical men's fantasy  

pillowsdoubleds 59F
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6/8/2005 1:50 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Typical men's fantasy

We all know the typical men's fantasy about him having sex with 2 women who in turn have sex with each other. Ladies, what man hasn't approached us about having this scenario come to life, BUT why is it if we reverse the scenario some men refuse to entertain that thought and view it as only gay men would do that and so i pose this question-

SuddenlyFree2 52M

6/8/2005 3:10 pm

The MFF is not my typical fantasy. I much prefer (as do the ladies I've been with) the MFM situation.

To answer your question....hmmmmm.....Not gay. Possibly Bi, though. Also, right back at you, do you think two men having sex is a turn on ?

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
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6/8/2005 4:32 pm

Gay is exclusively with another man/men, so no to gay, but definitely bi.

justiceleague_34 48M/48F

6/8/2005 7:37 pm

Definitely Bi. However, my wife and I have never done any swinging and I've often asked her about fantasies. I put the scenario, if she was single now, with what she knows, what would she do? Definately t2-4 men and a giggalo. I like to talk during sex, so it is a bit of a turn on to think and talk about her having 4 or 5 guys at once. No gay stuff though. Which in turn goes with my fantasy about mature women between 40-60 in nice shape, a bit round in areas with all that experience. Hmmm.....

ByteChaser2 53M

6/8/2005 10:22 pm

I'm sorry... but I think that's an unfair categorization. While I'm sure the ratio is far lower for men than women, there ARE men out there who would agree to thier woman's request for a MFM experiance. Check some of the Couples profiles...

And no, I don't think that makes the man gay. Experimental? Sure, Bi? perhaps. Willing to please his partner? You bet.

I get the read that you personally wouldn't consider a FMF experiance? Right on. You do what makes you feel good. Just don't lump the whole population in with you. Please.

luckyznutz 38M
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6/8/2005 11:55 pm

ok here it iz from a 26 yo bi male.my best friend growing up was a girl and when i saw her having sex w/another girl that pretty much ruined me on enjoying that act of 2 gurlz forking.....but on the other hand in the sence of being bi im only bi w/couples that i meat along the way where in the female of the couple wood like to see her man get off w/another man.for me its purly sexual.i dont think of myself as gay,st8,or even bi.im just into sex and if that includes sucking another guy off to please a woman im more than willing to do so.so long as its done safely and kept in the b/r...... thnx

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6/20/2005 6:38 pm

I think if he's only doing it to please a woman, how could it make him gay? If he decides he likes it and does it again for his own pleasure then he's bi.

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