Fall of Autumn - Prior to the storm  

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9/24/2005 8:14 am

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Fall of Autumn - Prior to the storm

He stands across the room and throws another scotch down his throat, just waiting to get out of another couples party. He doesn't know it but there are these two big brown eyes that are undressing him in a fantasy world. She was introduced to him earlier and she felt his firm grip of his hand, then out of the blue he raised it to his lips and gave her something she hasn't felt in years. She caught a wiff of his scent and could not get it out of her mind. Look at him just standing over there and why is he talking to that bore and loud man. There is conversation going all around her and all she can do is look at him out of the corner of her eye. Then reality wakes her up as her friend starts asking her if she is all right... You seem distant, she proclaims... everything at home all right, the kids the hubby.... Oh, yes she proclaims, just a little tired but she know that is a big lie. She hears him in the other room planning the next day's golf game as she is stuck home with the two kids again and you think he would just once, just once stay home and help me out, just once. Oh what happened to those days when we were in love. They just morphed into just in fond with each other. He works and he plays but I work, I watch the kids, I clean the house and I go to stupid parties with our friends who are basically your friends. You don't like my best friend because she is a threat to your kingdom. She is a threat to your fake conservative world. You find it hard to believe that she doesn't need a man, well that is because she loves the touch of a woman. I should have taken her up on her offer to have a sexual experience with her but being to shy to bust out of what I really wanted and what he wanted, I lost myself in his world.

Then all of a sudden fate was laid at her door, hello... umm, umm you have met haven't you... Oh yes tonight. So, it was a nice fall day today... What was that... he is standing here and you talk about the weather. Yes, it was he said back but days like this are just waisted unless you can share them with a beautiful woman like yourself. Oh the butterflies just were released and she can feel her palms sweating and heart racing. Well thank you. So I see you are married, yes I am and that over there is the person I said I do to. I do what??? he said, I do not believe he should leave such a beautiful wall flower standing around to be picked by another. It was the first time that anybody had paid so much attention to her in years. Well I am going to get going, to many married people here for me, he said and at that he walked across the room to say his good byes and make his exit. Then she felt a knot in her stomach that in all the years that this was the first time she was going to look forward to going to another dinner party. Then she thought, what happens he never shows up again... she gave up the idea of being with her best friend because of her significant other and other peoples expectations. Then she knew it was now or never. She excused her self and walked towards him and walk out the door with him like she left something in her car. She gets to the car and she still can hear him. It felt like hours until the front door closed, then he walked down the side walk and she decided to say her goodbye. It was very nice meeting you. The same can be said by myself, he said with a wonderful smile. How do you know the host, she proclaimed, just wanting to know if she will ever see him again. We went to school together and were in the same fraternity. I just moved back to the area and we saw each other at the store and he invited me over for his wonderful wife's party. So, what are you leaving so early, she exclaims? Well because I just not into so many married and dating couples. You are not dating anybody? She ask with anticipation of the answer. No, I have been but we went our own ways and then I moved back here to be closer to my family. You seem to be a very nice man and I think you will have no problem finding a lady... Now why did I say that, she said in her mind. You going to fix me up or something because no offense, that usually doesn't work and all of the good woman are taken. Look at you, what I wouldn't do to be with you. What?? she said, oh I am sorry I didn't mean to offend, no no no, she pleaded, that was the nicest thing somebody said to me in years. Do you really believe that or you being nice. No, I really nean that, umm with a nervous voice he ask her, can I be honest with you. Yes, she says back, please, it would be refreashing. Well the moment I saw your beautiful brown eyes, I wanted to meet you but the glare of that diamond put me at bay. Oh, oh looking down at her hand and in a nano second remembering how happy she was the day she got that ring. Well, she says, I couldn't help keeping my eyes off of you all evening and all I want to do is kiss you. Then in a split second after saying that she feels herself in a wonderful embrace and her lips kissing his lips. It lasted for a lifetime and he pulled back and said I have to go, then she finally took the oppurtunity she was looking for and gave him her phone number at work. Please call me, please I need to feel that kiss again. He looked at her and said we are tempting the fates and it can only end in tragedy. I might be commiting a grave sin against God but I will choose hell over heaven with out you. She stood their in disbelief about this strange man who would give up his soul to her and was willing to risk it all for it too. I want you, she said, I really want to feel you inside me, I want to smell you, I want to taste you, I want you touching me in ways I have never been touched before and with that they embraced again, her heart pounding and knowing that she was alive and was about to venture into the shadowy world of adultry. I will call you, he said with suttle confidence and I will answer your call, she says back to him. Then he looked in her eyes and she looked into his beautiful eyes and she knew it, that this was the man who was either going to destroy her life or make her life so happy because in those eyes that she saw earlier that night she found her soul and saw it in the reflection of his soul. She watches him get into his car and drive away on a crisp cool evening in fall that Autumn has fallen out of fond and into love.

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