Why won't Oprah die?  

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1/17/2006 9:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why won't Oprah die?

So why won't Oprah die? Simple, because God is obviously a fan. How do we know this? She told us.

On yesterday's show Oprah decided to talk about the incident involving her private jet hitting a bird, which turned out to not be a bird after all. She was talking about how she was scared, so Steadman told her God did not bring you this far to die in the ocean. Are you fuckin' kidding me?

You may be wondering why I am savaging Oprah for something Steadman said. It was a ridiculous thing for him to say, but it was said in a frightening moment. Oprah however, felt the need to tell it to a national audience.

The worst part about her comments were the fact that she made them on Martin Luther King Day. The man was shot dead. So apparently, God thought Oprah is far too good a person to die, but didn't feel it important enough to save MLK. I honestly believe that she feels she might be Jesus reincarnate.

As someone who doesn't watch her show I feel that I am disconnected enough to savage the woman, because her viewers share her beliefs about her being the Messiah. She drives me nuts.

Oprah may have risen from humble beginnings to become filthy rich, but this does not make her any better than anybody else. A lot of people have started with worse circumstances than hers and ended up successful and rich, yet they do it without the Messiah complex that she so obviously has.

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