Now, it begins!  

pickthisguy11 37M
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7/7/2006 11:58 pm
Now, it begins!

Today is stage 7 of the Tour de France, the first time trial. The riders will be racing over a 32 mile course at breakneck speeds. This is where the contenders show themselves. Look for a big shakeup in the standings, with the sprinters losing big amounts of time. My pic for the win today is American Floyd Landis. Time trialing is his strong point; and he wants to make his prescense known.

With only a handful of mountain stages in this years race, the two time trials are of the utmost importance. It is known as the "race of truth" and it will separate the GC hopefuls from the rest of the feild.

If you have never seen a race before, today is a good one to catch. One man against the clock, special aerodynamic bikes built strictly for the time trials; it really is quite exciting.

BTW- The rider pictured is American George Hincapie. Look for him also to do well in today's stage and try to solidify himself as Discovery Channel team leader.

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