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12/5/2005 8:29 pm

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3/10/2006 2:26 am

My Routine

Gosh I get on this and I start out doing the same things all the time...first I check emails and read them but I don't reply back to them thats really starting to bother me, as today we had 210 starting back as far as September now thats bad if I was people I'd stop already but thankfully I'm not like other people. But thats no excuse and I am so sorry for all the ones I haven't gotten to yet but I will by tomorrow night at this time..promise...anyways so I do that then I look at my blog to see whose looked at it and I look to see the ones I have commented on to see if any new responses to theres are not then I will look at there blogs also so from there I look at the boards to see if there is any new ones or not so I read them and I might comment on them or not. From there I look to see whose has look at us and so fourth and I might give a quick wink back or not to those who have us. I know lame but oh well..Then I usually go into our hot list to see who is on and where.. I have an obsession with this one person so I look to see where he is at if he's in chat I will go there...I know that sounds so strange and crazy here I am grown woman...what the hell am I doing..I have chatted with him for over a year and I have met him to thats whats bad about it and after all this time hmmmm I just don't know why.Anyways thats gotta be another blog entry I will do that one at a later date. Hmmm would that be me putting it off for another day? lol...not me I wouldn'd do such a yea right I would't. Getting back to this one, I go into friends at this point to see who is on and to see if there is any new pictures and ok I do look at them. Finally make my last stop to see who is on IMC and such and look at profiles...The same rountine everyday, how boring is that? Its at the point the highlight of the day is looking at the blogs I really seem to be enjoying them and the comments also and the boards too.To me thats how you really get to know people, don't get me wrong I do enjoy chatting and things like that but I do enjoy that the most. So to finish it off before I close it down for the night I take one more look at everything..I know what your thinking man doesn't she have a life. lol. Hell no if I did would I be taking this much time to do this?Ummm i'd say no.I think tomorrow night I might just have to maybe shake it up abit and maybe do it from the end to start next time. We'll just have to see.

rm_radioplay68 39M

12/6/2005 10:58 am

Awwwww..... WOOHOOO I get to be one of the ones who is checked on daily.... that is some flattery.... .
I check you guys out almost daily too.... as far as consistantly checking the blogs and such.... yea... Im a feind like that ... Im on here two or three times a day... just to check in and see if there are any new developments.... sometimes there is and sometimes there isnt.... but our routines... they sound too similar... very funny stuff..... very... .
ok .. well Im off to look at the "who's online list"
maybe see if I can chat someone up on IM
take care..
oh yea.. you're still coming to the meet and greet on the 10th right???
I mean we might as well meet and get it over with... especially if you're never going to e-mail!

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