Holiday and Family  

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12/26/2005 9:59 pm

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Holiday and Family

Here it is the 27th of December...ugh back to work tomorrow but why am I complaining I only work 2 days this week..I know my life is so rough lol...My daughter left for her dads Christmas day and won't be back intil New Years Eve. That week has always been so hard on me I miss her so much, but it has always been a peacefull week also the kind of week thats always been for me to do what I want to do and visit family and friends that I don't see very much though the year, the kind of week me and my husband gets to spend time for us the kind of week that's nonstop sex.This is the first year in gosh I don't know how many that we won't be spending New Years Eve with my father in law and my husbands sister and brother and friends none of us have plans this year..My father in law just remarried in Sept. so he spending it up in Caro with his new wife at her house he still has a house in Burton that he hasn't sold yet.I'm very happy for him he seems very happy he is one hell of a nice guy and deserves nothing but the best...I like traditions and that has been one of ours for so many years but I guess it is time to start making new ones as they say nothing can ever stay the same.This has been the first of many holidays in our new home..I guess in time we will even get use to it, everyone tells me I'll get use to the change but I'm not one for change I like the same old thing to happen year after year heck day after day is more like it...The one thing I have learned more this year then any other how important my family has become to me..Our move was so hard on me that I was not very nice to my husband and daughter I hated the move I hated the house I hated the neighborhood...But then I think I'm so luck to have a husband who loves me so dearly and a daughter who is simply wonderfull and our family members who have been there for us.The house we bought is temporary for the next year..God willing...thats another story for another time...anyways the house we bought was my husbands grandparents at first I hated it but relized it wasn't the house it was where it's located...the house it self is very nice actually alot nicer then I thought it would be but over the last few weeks I came to relize really how special it is to us after all it is a family home of my husbands and every detail his grand parents did to make it homie and it is..This is the time of year to look back at all the things that happen and know for some reason there is a reason to why things to do happen at first I can't seem to see that but as time goes by and I look back I can see the pattern to it all for some odd reason why it happened and it does make since down to the very tiny detail. I just wish it didn't take awhole year for me to figure it out it would be nice if I could do that the minute something happened instead of going over it forever and finally realizing it so late. I think the Holiday Season some how make you think alot more about yourself and thats always a good thing at least for me it makes me a better person all the way around..I guess when it comes down to it all I am so very thankful for everbody and everything I have in my life and I really wouldn't change anything for now..I know my life will take a different turn and I will learn how to deal with it when it comes my way intil then I am very content with my life and how things are and I will learn from that experience like I have in my lifes other turns..........

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1/1/2006 4:07 pm

Hi Picksie,

Getting back with you. A lot of lockers out here and not much auction. Contact me so we can hook up?


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