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6/19/2006 4:33 am

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I know.
It's always right there. It's always ready and waiting and eager... right there.
The look in the eye, the lift of the shoulder and swing of the hip... they tell me.
And I can smell it.
I can taste it in the air as you walk by....
It's not the curve of your hip or the way your blouse drapes across your tit, it's the way your head tilts just so and the way you stand so that your body language screams to me.
And every time I see you I want to take you.
Bend you over right here!, wherever here is, and satisfy my animal desires with your body.
And that base lust doesn't much care if you get any pleasure from it, or if that's really what you want right then... it is, after all, my animal self that wants to take over.
And in the night, when you sleep, I want to take you then, too... waking you to sexual adventure and climax just to send you off to more relaxed and restful sleep.
You pout at me like that and it speaks to my cock and I want to see those lips part to accomodate my growing need, want to feel your hair gripped in my hands as I hold myself back from ramming your mouth like I would your pussy.

Go ahead, bend over to get something from the fridge. I'll be there, hand burning to stroke the firm roundness of your ass.
Lean over the counter to talk with me... and make sure to wear that low cut shirt when you do because you know how I love tits... Your tits.
Lay your hand softly on my arm as we talk.. emphasise your points with a touch here and a smile there and all the while I can hear your sex calling mine, and my lust for you is the soundtrack of the play that we enact, dancing about each other until we finally merge, briefly, only to part and dance again.

angelofmercy5 58F
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6/19/2006 4:50 am

Wow! Good post!

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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6/19/2006 5:01 am


Purry {=}


sportsfan362436 47F

6/19/2006 5:04 am

*nodding in agreement w/ angelofmercy*.... wow is what comes to mind... this is but this one's first visit to your blog... but will be back.

*Smiles, kisses n hugz*

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