Fit to be Tied (chapter 2)  

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Fit to be Tied (chapter 2)

She drives home, slower than usual, waving and smiling at the passing drivers periodically in her now more relaxed state. Life is good, the sun is shining and there is no reason to not be happy with her life, her job, her kids, herself.

The ragged fatigue that used to accompany such workouts has been replaced over the months with a delightful feeling of softness overlaying the defined tone of her muscles. In places, she is as hard as a rock when she flexes, much to her astonishment, and other areas are developing that same feeling of solidity as well. When she regards herself in a full length mirror, she doesn't see the thick legs and hippiness of the aerobics crowd; instead, she sees a uniform muscularity that adds to her naturally curvey figure. Her breasts, which at one time were rather like lumps of flesh grafted onto a ribcage, now slope gracefully from her collarbone in an even slope that fills out her clothes in a most seductive fashion. Her waist is supple and strong, giving "come hither" winks to passersby when she wears a bathing suit or other skimpy attire.

Her uniform tan highlights the muscle definition she's achieved over the months, giving notice that she's a fit individual not to be taken lightly; she's startled co-workiers and clients alike with her physical strenght, then dazzled them with the grace that comes from long practice at relaxed, intended motion.

New confidence engulfs her these days, and the utility of a single knuckle against another person's sternum has been a revelation. First, the lackey at work that tried to intimidate her and wouldn't make way when she tried to leave the room. He moved amazingly quickly under the proper motivation.

She arrives home, and bundles her kids off to her ex; it's his weekend with them and she's looking forward to a girl's night in, the thought giving rise to a wicked grin as she considers her planned activity. He looks at her with puppy eyes now, too, like he did all those years ago when they first began dating. The thought of his couch-potato ass trying to back up his bulldog mouth is another recent source of amusement for her, and she smiles indulgently at him as he tries in vain to flirt with her. She finds herself laughing out loud after the door is closed, her ex never realizing the source of her amusement.

A couple of hours remain before her night's activity is to begin. She searches out her silk scarves, her various naughty toys and her favorite incense and candles. A long, hot bath follows, soaking up the heat to relieve her fatigued muscles and make herself clean for him. His arrival is imminent as she dons a cupless corset which lifts her perfect tits in offering to him. A fine, silk choker adds to the ensemble, she knows the effect that this costume has on him, and anticipates him with a mixture of desire and nervousness.
For he is a demanding lover, as demanding of her sexually as he is physically during her work-outs. She pictures herself rather like his bonsai, being shaped and guided to perfection. And, like the bonsai, the restraints he places on her only help her to achieve that level of passionate release that excites him so and drives him into her and onto her further lifting her own pleasure and passion.
After all.... the yin must have it's yang....

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I like the second chapter even better!

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Well, Thank you!

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