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3/20/2006 1:20 pm

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alone at last

Here we are, alone at last, roughly about two o'clock in the morning. The night has finally quit, and given up on still a restless we. So tonight its your treat. Into my arms I take you and carry you into the sweet, where champaign, fine wine strawberries, and multiple different fine delicacies await. I strip you down, and carry you to the now hot jacuzzi and we bathe. I start at the top washing your long beautiful sweat ridden hair, and begin to bath you with a sponge. I hear you sigh in pure relaxation. We cuddle and relax, in this hot steamy tub until my wonderment gets the best of me. I kiss your neck, still tasting of the sweet nectar of sweat. It's not enough! I nibble and you moan. This is a good sign. I wrap my arms around you, I carers your now erect nipples, and I hear you sigh, And now it's off to bed. I turn on the radio, we listen to romance. I towel you off, and you do the same. Here we are lost in each other. Caressing, and kissing, loving each other. I caress and kiss every square inch, every beauty mark, every freckle, until i feel you climax, and then it begins.

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