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3/23/2006 5:23 am

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There you are, my PARTNER IN SIN, im so gald to hear you. the fealings i have right now are beond the stages of exstacy. your touch the carressing the blind folds gags and hand cuffs how much mor of this can i take. and then you begin to show me.

i am liing in a stage of pure bliss, in a hse of physical exstacy and you come and lift me through the fog. you gide me by a coller still blinded and gaged across the room next to what i assume is a chair of some sort. you kiss me so wet and so sweet ar your lips the the sent of you is so sweet and yet so alluring i dontknow what is yet to come.

you carress me and touch every inc of me. you tourcher me in a sence. you have got that down perfectly now. and then you stand up. you leave me in this fog once more or have you.

i hear you voice whats that "come and kiss me" i begin crawling tward the sound of your now raceing heart i feal your legsas you guide me down to heaven or hell.

i begin to kiss and lap i feal you squirm i want you to cum the taste of you is my hypnotic poision i cant believe this is happing again. i feal your bohy stiffing again i know that fealing from so many times before i know what is about to happen. you reach down andpull my head away form you now glistening navel , why i thought this is what you wanted. you sand and leave like you did before,and now i alie alone in my haze gaded one more, begging and pleading that you might come back and have me pleasure you once more.

the clock ticks the air is still and tastes like sex. the time creaps by minnuets and then hours slip by the day has turned to night and whayiwouldent give just to taste your sweet necter again. the door opens "is that you" i mutter through this strap of lether you call a gag. now reply. i hear the light sound of foot steps drawing nearer and nearer and then they stop. "YES IT IS YOUR PARTNER IN SIN"she replies. the room grows silen i hear no foot step i hear no sound except for my breath and the tortureous sound of that fucking clock, the constant reminder that this must end. i hear you now you moved so gracefully and quietly across the room and now you in the corner watching and touching you love this and then you...........

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