Enough already.  

photoslayme 50M
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4/22/2006 8:03 am

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7/20/2006 4:11 am

Enough already.

I know the women get inundated on this site by a lot of freaks who message things like 'Wanna fuck?' or 'You should see my wang/prick/cock/schlong/python/heat seeking moisture missile'
there are many of us men who send nice messages that have had real thought put into it only to be ignore.

AGAIN I know that some women have replied and got threatening emails back asking 'You a dike?' etc but it would be nice to receive a reply even a 'thanks but no thanks' would suffice but many a time nothing.

I have only had replies from 20% not counting auto replies. I'm not the best looking guy around my friends describe me as 'ugly cute' which I accept.
But ladies please when you see a nice message from one of the guys like me, and you can tell the real gents here, let us know.
We would really appreciate it instead of leaving us here wondering if we should send another message or would that be like stalking.

C'mon ladies , give us an even break.

imsohorny19822 34F
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4/22/2006 8:51 pm


I do admit that many of the men on this site give others a bad name.

I do my best to reply to every email i receive, sometimes it can be hard to reply to everyone, so most times i only use the quick reply responses which are a bit impersonal, but at least the person is receiving some sort of response.

More people need to take a little bit more time and reply to people, even if it is just a quick reply, that way, everyone knows where they stand.

Good luck with your search.


photoslayme 50M

4/23/2006 7:13 pm

Thanx Ally,

Yes you're right and they don't help themselves when they contact women who clearly state in their profile that they don't want to hear from men, married men, old men, young men etc whatever is there preference.

Your profile clearly states that you only want to hear from single men between 25 and 35. I'm sue you get messaged every day from men who don't fit the criteria.

And no matter how pretty you are I have resisted the temptation to message you because of this but some guys just don't get it.

A quick 'thanx but no thanx' or 'you're not what I'm looking for' would be good


ella1966 50F
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7/19/2006 10:51 pm

Merv, I agree and I do my best to give personal replies when I have received a nice email, even if I am not interested...lately I have resorted to using the dreaded autoreplies, but I just can't and often don't feel, like getting 'round to each one personally. I think the nice guys are few and far between. There is a blog post about this on kelli4u2dew's blog, in which she is quoting an article from a male blogger, you may wish to comment on this, Merv...

ella xoxo

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