I have spent the entire day looking and reading blogs,  

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8/20/2006 2:37 pm

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I have spent the entire day looking and reading blogs,

since the house is mostly a niteowl lifestyle,,I have sat at the computer today,,wine glass in hand and wandered in and out of blogland as you people call it...................just the guys right now,I am curious what you have to say,,and mostly the guys my age are the ones I am looking at.........I'd like to know how you think and arrive at the conclusions you do,,,being recently divorced,,,my tilt on the male reasoning factor is limited..better stop there on that one.. but anyway to continue my observations on the blogs so far,,very insightful ,,some odd to be truthful and some very tender and heartfelt feelings...didn't know that men were able to verbalize those things such as emotions...in the way that I have found on here...amazing and facinating all at once and the most fun I have on a quiet Sunday,,not having to move from this spot and travel the universe in the time it takes to read the page's entry and click on next...whether real or imaginary,it's not bad entertainment or trivial but seems to fulfill a need for each individual that applies themselves to the space provided... just sitting still long enough to read the ones I did choose to peek at, was an effort at first,not sure what I expected,,,it was my cousin's idea to join here,,,she had some good things to suggest for my getting over the hump of being single again,,but that isn't a problem for me at all,,I am enjoying the freedom of no responsibilities ,,kids are grown and everyone is so friendly here,,it would be hard to be bored or lonely,,there is so much to do here !!!!


8/20/2006 4:51 pm

Wanted to add my welcome to Blogland.
Like the phoenix reference..a new life after divorce?
Thanks for checking my blog..hope you come back, and please comment if you get the urge..love the feedback.
Look forward to your future posts.

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