Airing my frustration!  

phoebeh 49F
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2/28/2005 11:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Airing my frustration!

Okay.... there are some things that are getting way too old.

I'm sick to death of men e-mailing me to death during the week, and then when the weekend rolls around, they drop off the face of the earth and aren't available to get together. Grrrr!

Is it cold feet in not wanting to actually meet in person to see if we can stand each other? Or is it just weekday amusement?

Orion02 45M

2/28/2005 8:09 pm

just give me call


rm_loverboy7055 35M

2/28/2005 8:39 pm

You know I am always wanting to meet

Roblovesbeer 39M

3/4/2005 4:33 pm

Ya I met ya kinda. LOL I was just leaving the bar as you arrived. I wanted to stay but I was buzzed up real good. I started to early. LOL Maybe we cross paths again?

rm_gogogreat 50M

3/6/2005 12:32 pm

Tell me about it!!!! phoebeh, I have like 70+ woman in this Network deal and do You think I can barely get them to start a conversation with me!! Like what the heck am I chop liver or something!!! Then every other weekend when I do not have my almost 9 yr old Daughter that lives with me full time I couldn't get a date here if my life depended on it! WOW! I thought this only happened to me. I guess missery enjoys company so that's why I wrote this to air my frusteration along with you. Well now I got that off my chest finally. Thanks, Take Care, Greg

hot_ia_guy 55M
2 posts
3/12/2005 4:33 pm

Ummmmmmmm.....they are married and their wife or girlfriend won't let them write?

rm_roadkingbsa1 61M
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3/19/2005 8:37 am

Here it is the weekend and you are not here. LOL You know it is hard to keep track of people you do not know. I shot off a bunch of notes just trying to see if there is any interest not wanting to write some long letter to be deleted the first time. I like to catch poele on IM to see if there is interest. Long time between or no repley is very frustrating. Wa WA Aw.

Roblovesbeer 39M

4/2/2005 12:23 pm

Yup this site is getting grim. Kinda reminds me of the AC/DC song "shot down in flames". LMAO

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