First day/Premier jour  

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4/12/2006 10:50 am

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First day/Premier jour

Paris, the 04/12/07,

The company I worked for closed in July. Great ! That meant for me a lot of free time. Time to see old friends you never see, travel etc. but also meeting new people.
Searching for a new job would wait. And it still does.
I really enjoy not working.
I get to go out at night, sleep in the morning, go bicycle riding outside of Paris, movies in the afternoon.
After a while though, there's something missing when you're not travelling. In the place you live (paris for me), you realize that all the people you know are working in the day time.
So let's try some new things, like getting connected to this site, even starting a blog.
That might be an occasion to fill the day time part with new encounters on the web or physically and why not with new sexual partners.

I'll try being serious... by updating my blog regularly.

See you soon,


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