First attempt at blogging  

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9/10/2005 7:44 pm

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First attempt at blogging

Ha .. finally.. I've overcame my inhibition and submit my first post .. Frankly speaking, this is something that I wanted to do for a long time but never really got around doing it ... the usual excuses applies .. no time, work and class etc etc etc ... but as they all say " better later than never "

Today's a Sunday and my mid term test is freaking 5 days away. I am about as prepared for it as a blind and deaf man attempting to cross a busy highway ... damn ... never thought that going back to school can be this hard ... what the hell did i get myself into ??? I should have finish it 10 years ago when i had the chance !!!

Hahaha .. despite all these, deep inside, I know this is something that I have and want to do. Nobody said i can't complain right ? People tell me stuffs like " well, this is what you wanted so dun ever complain about it " true..I have to agree to that .. that's why i don't complain to them but I complain here ...

Anyway, my study group are a bunch of cool people .. there's FL,DT,DC and FLow .. shan't use their names here, think they will NOT appreciate their names being posted in the internet ... FL is close to 50 and he doesn't look a day past 35 .. does the fella do it? DT is this super busy workaholic who has to juggle his free time between family and class .. plus he still find time to make babies .. hahaha .. his son 1st birthday is abt 3 weeks away ... HAPPY BD little DT !!! DC is serving the last 4 months of his national service and after that, he will be out looking for a job ... welcome to the real world my friend !! .. FLow is this cool chick who drink and smoke .. hahhaa .. i dig gals who does that ... she's frank and very "in your face" ... god bless the guy who will eventually hook up with her ..

Ok .. more about them later ...

Man .. this is so highly addictive that i can go on rambling non-stop but *sigh* ... I MUST do some revision now ...

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