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9/15/2005 3:18 pm

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At work.

I went into the stock room to get some olives and pepperencinis. When I felt his hand slowly rubbing from my hip down to my vagina. I took in quick sharp breath because i didn't realize that anyone was in there with me. Then I felt these soft tender moisten lips on my neck followed by his tongue. Softly sucking the side of my neck while his hand is traveling up my shirt. the sensation of feeling his hand on my skin sends chills up my spine. He grips my tits firmly while softly pinching my nipples which makes my pussy wet and my knees weak. I lean my head back and start to lick on his earlobe. Then i slowly take his earlobe into my warm mouth and suck it slowly. Then i feel his hand on my pants buttom. He quickly unbuttons my pants, unzip, and pulls them to the floor.Then I feel thiss hand applying pressure the my shoulder so i beend over and before i can get my hand around my ankle i feel his penis entering my vagina. It is big and thick i can feel it streching my walls. I love that pain. Then he picks up his speed i want to moan so bad but I can't because I'm at work. And i scared that i'm going to get caught but some strange reason i'm getting more and more turned on. So, now I'm grabbing his pants and forcing him to go deeper and faster (Like i like it). Now, i bitting my lip and loving it. I came soooo hard. When i started pulling up my pants and buttoning them up. My manager open the door and asked me what was talking me so long and it tood me out of my wonderful daydream and back to my reality. And i finish prepping the olives and peppericini's

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