Oh What a Night!  

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10/31/2005 2:57 pm

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Oh What a Night!

I have been so busy since my last posting in my blog that I have had no time to chronicle the events since my last entry. Even this post only covers one night.

In my previous post My Experience Here on AFF Thus Far I mentioned the two single women I have met here on AdultFriendFinder. I also mentioned that I gave both of them each other's phone number. Apparently the two of them have been in contact with each other since that point.

Note: I was "told" that since I was including this experience in my blog, I needed to include the details. So here are the details...

On Saturday night (10-22-05) I went to Woman #1’s house for an evening of takeout Japanese, wine, and lovemaking (at least that was the plan).

W1 (Woman #1) called me at 6PM and read off of the Japanese takeout menu to me. We decided on a mix of sushi and hot food we both liked and were to meet at 7. I took a quick shower and went to the wine shop.

When I got to her place, I was greeted by a very passionate kiss and was invited in. She was barefoot wearing light gray low rise sweatpants and a light purple tank-top belly shirt with no bra. She has got a great body. I gave her the bottle of wine (a nice white zinfandel) and she put it in the refrigerator.

We were both in the kitchen talking, standing near the center island. I walked over to her, lifted her up and placed her on the counter. I started kissing her lips, neck, and ears while rubbing the exposed portion of her back. I continued to rub her back, up and down her sides, under her shirt and just below her breasts. Just then, her cellphone rang in the dining room. She told me she had to answer because it might be the Japanese restaurant confirming her order. In retrospect, it seemed odd why she would turn away from me and start walking towards the living room while holding the cellphone down and talking so quietly. At the time I didn't think much of it. What I was thinking of, was the shape and contour of her ass as she was walking away from me.

When she finished the call she came back to the kitchen where I was still standing and said, "Where were we?" We continued to kiss, rub and touch each other. She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. She asked me for my lighter and began lighting candles which she had placed throughout the room. She handed me my lighter and I slid my hands under her top and pulled it over her head in one motion. She unbuttoned my shirt, opened my belt buckle, went down to her knees and unzipped my pants. She pulled my pants and boxers off of my hips and pulled out my dick. Gently she licked the underside of my dick, the sides and finally the head. She sat me on the edge of her bed slowly sucking my dick while I ran my fingers through her hair massaging her scalp.

I honestly don't know how long we were in this position, when the doorbell rang. She pulled off my shoes, socks and pants and said, "Don't move, I'll be right back." She grabbed her top as I tried to offer her money for the Japanese food but she declined. She returned quickly and took off all of her clothes and jumped on the bed with me. We started kissing and touching each other all over. She went back to giving me head but this time I twisted my body around so that we could 69 each other. She was so wet. After about 5 minutes, she started to cum; sucking harder and faster while using both hands on my dick. After she came, she crawled on top of me grinding her pussy on the underside of my dick. She said, "I think we should eat something before we really get started, don't you?" I agreed (plus I figured that I needed a break; when she came, I almost did too). She again took me by the hand and led me out to the dining room. Sitting naked at the table was W2 (Woman #2) grinning from ear to ear.

We all started laughing hysterically. The three of us naked in W1’s dining room, cracking up to the point of tears. I was laughing so hard I had to sit down. W1 sat down too. We must have laughed for at least 5 minutes. "OK, who came up with this sneaky little scenario?” I said. W2 said, "We came up with it together. We've been talking about it all week, amongst other things, and decided to ‘surprise’ you since we know how much you like ‘surprises’." She was of course being sardonic (knowing that I hate surprises) and that I would love this type of surprise.

Well, there really was food there.W2 had picked up the food (that W1 had ordered earlier) on her way over. W1 had me sitting at the head of the table with her on my right and W2 on my left. This was my first "naked sushi dinner" (at least with two women). We ate with our hands, passing and feeding food to one another. We were halfway through before I remembered the wine. W1 got up from the table and walked towards the kitchen. I was staring at her ass again before I noticed that W2 was doing the same thing. We smiled at each other and she was blushing a little when W1 came back with the wine and the cork screw. W1 knew she was being watched by the way she was walking.

Did you ever see a woman walking with intent? Like she had to go someplace and be there on time, or she was in a hurry. Usually her stride is normal. Then have you ever watched a woman when she knew she was being watched? Her walk totally changes; it becomes slower with more gyrations. Her ass begins to follow a figure 8 movement. Well, this is the walk that W1 had while walking to the kitchen and on her return.

I opened the wine, we finished dinner laughing, sharing, smiling, peaking and all knowing what was going to happen next. W1 and I, earlier that week had a conversation on the phone about pornography. We talked about what we liked and disliked; what was arousing and what was a definitive turn-off. She asked me to bring a DVD with me for our Saturday night date.

We all had a smoke (thank God they both smoke), I grabbed the wine bottle and my glass; they grabbed their glasses and W1 led us to the bedroom. I said, "Is anybody in the mood for a movie while we digest?" We were all in agreement. I walked back to my jacket, took out the DVD (in which I had just purchased the day before for this occasion), put it in the player and laid down on the bed between these two beautiful women. Again W1 was on my right and W2 was on my left.

As the movie started I finished my wine quickly so I could put my arms around both of these women. I held them both identically while they sipped the wine and watched the porno. I just kept thinking how lucky I was. As some of the hotter action started in the movie I couldn't help but get hard. W2 was the first to put her glass down and start stroking my dick. W1 put her glass down and started kissing my chest. My hands were everywhere; caressing hair, back, breasts and finally pussies. It was great. W1 had her left leg over my right leg and W2 had her right leg over my left leg. The middle fingers of both my hands were probing two distinctly different but both hot and wet pussies while they both stroked my dick and balls (I'm getting horny all over again just writing this).

For the rest of the night we melted into a symbiosis of pleasure and lust. I watched W2 rub, lick, and probe W1’s pussy while W1 sucked my dick as I played with her tits and nipples. I fucked W1 doggy style while she ate W2’s pussy. W2 rode my dick as W1 straddled over my face as the two of them kissed and mauled each other's breasts. We had sex in every possible combination I could imagine. I couldn't tell you how long this went on for. All I know is that I should have brought some Gatorade with me. It was like an erotic wrestling match where everybody came out a winner.

We all fell asleep as a conjoined lump in the center of the bed. When W1 woke up, we all woke up. We all had to pee at the same time. I thought it was funny that after sharing the level of intimacy we had shared the night before, that each of us closed the bathroom door as we went to pee. I asked what everyone's plans were for the day. No one had anything in particular that had to be done. After all it was a Sunday. I offered to get bagels and coffee, this was accepted quickly as we all had burned a lot of calories the night before. I got dressed and went to the store.

When I came back, I knocked on the door a few times before testing the handle to see if the door was unlocked. It was, and I walked in to hear in the moans of lovemaking taking place in the bedroom. I put coffee and bagels down on the table, walked into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed and watched (without interrupting) these two stunning women gorge themselves on each other's bodies. After they both had made each other cum, I joined in for another session of FMF lovemaking.

When we had finished, W1 put all the coffees in the microwave. We drank our coffee, ate our bagels, laughed and talked and went our separate ways. I went home took a nap. I was awakened a few hours later by the phone ringing it was W2. She told me that she had just woken up too. We were amazed at how the three of us had "fit" so well. We talked about the experience for at least half an hour, made plans for another evening and said goodbye.

No more than 10 minutes had gone by before the phone rang again, this time it was W1. And we had an almost identical conversation, again reiterating a perfect "fit".

I learned that some surprises are good. This surprise was very, very good. We've decided to do it again but to make it like a monthly thing. This is so we can keep the fresh, hot, and not take it for granted.

Mika4UNY 38F

11/2/2005 8:23 pm

Well...that's not ALL the details, but U covered the basics **Smile**. You forgot to mention the honey, the candle wax, the toys... I'll give U a "A" for Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

rm_PickyPus 41F

11/2/2005 8:32 pm

So you were watching my ass (I knew it) LOL. Very good depictation, I was a night to remember. "Muah"

rm_PickyPus 41F

11/2/2005 8:32 pm

So you were watching my ass (I knew it) LOL. Very good depictation, It was a night to remember. "Muah"

pharaohskiss 46M
1 post
11/3/2005 4:21 am

If I knew the two of you were going to post here, I never would have written the blog using the whole "W1 - W2" thing. LOL

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