My Experience Here on AFF Thus Far  

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10/20/2005 4:40 pm

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My Experience Here on AFF Thus Far

In the few weeks since my return to AdultFriendFinder; I have received e-mails from numerous singles, couples, and men. I have participated in various chat-rooms, viewed many profiles, and watched many members WebCam broadcasts. I chatted directly with a few women and couples (either by telephone or by IM). Had my original profile “PhaorohK” totally screwed up for no apparent reason, and met two wonderfully sexy women in person and have had incredible sex with both of them (one at a time so far). I’ll elaborate a bit further:

1. E-mails
In the beginning (since my return to AdultFriendFinder after nearly four years) the profile connected e-mails gave me huge difficulties. One day I was allowed to send an e-mail, the next day I wasn’t. After a few days it all seemed to straighten itself out.

I started receiving a ton of e-mails from men who didn’t care if my profile status clearly stated “straight”. All of them offering to either give me my first “bi” or “gay” experience, or suck my dick with no strings attached. After the 40th e-mail (in two days) I decided to turn on my e-mail filtering and specified clearly in my profile that I was not interested in any homosexual offers. This has resulted in me receiving only about 3 gay propositions a day in my filtered mail.

The majority of the e-mail I receive is from couples. The man of the couple initiates contact generally inquiring as to my interest in “surprising” his wife. The “surprise” theme seems to be in the predominant point of contact.

I have had a few experiences in the past with couples, specifically the husband wanting to surprise his wife, which did not turn out so well. Either the wife was surprised to the point of fear (scaring the shit out of her, as well as scaring the mood out of her) or the husband took his fantasy of seeing his wife with another man a bit too far (not consulting with her at all). Needless to say these situations left a bad taste in my mouth for “surprises”.

Some of the couples that contacted me (the men) wanted to surprise their wives with a “big cock” or a “big black cock”. Essentially there’s nothing wrong with this. After all I have an above average sized dick (not trying to be “cocky” or anything). But it’s just like every time I go to the supermarket; because I’m tall, someone always asks me to get something for them from the top shelf. Now I’m not trying to say that having a large dick is a problem, it’s always worked for me just fine, I just like being an active participant in a sexual situation with a couple as opposed to being the “Lifelike Dildo” purchased a sex shop as a “surprise” for the wife whose husband is lacking in size. And for others to assume because under race in my profile I have listed “various” or “other”, that I am black (whether it’s an accurate assumption or not), it doesn’t give a person the right to assume.

As for the rest of the couples that have contacted me, after reviewing their profiles I noticed that the men in the couple were bi. In these cases I am not looking to receive any kind of “surprise”.

The women who have contacted me, about 75 percent of them, are out there playing head games; tossing out a tease just to see who will reply. The remaining 25 percent I have found to be genuine; looking for friends, companionship, legitimate contact, and are not playing games at all.

2. The Chat-rooms
The “Web Cam Fun Room” in particular (markedly the most popular room of all) is filled with a cacophony of over-zealous, unrestrained, desperate men; begging, pleading, threatening, cajoling, flattering, and lying their asses off attempting to acquire cybersex.

The “couples” are mostly men (95 percent) wildly jerking off on camera stating their “better-half” is not there at the moment. The women (in which there is a 20 to 1 ratio), who I have found to be the most refreshing presence in the room, either enjoy their exhibitionism (teasing, flashing, and putting on full exhibitionistic masturbation shows) or sit there fully dressed responding to the minions of men begging to see flesh.

In some of the other chat-rooms which have a smaller number of occupants, the people there all have a connection. They ostracize any newcomers while continuing to openly chat with their online comrades.

3. Contact (Telephone or Instant Message)
Women here are cautious (as so they should be). They may not be reluctant to make initial contact but they are reluctant to move on to the next stage. I have received numerous contacts via instant message and chatted for a while. The same goes for telephone conversations; either after an exchange of e-mails or IM’s (with the women never giving me their phone numbers). On each of these contacts I have asked the women if they have ever met anyone they have chatted with or encountered on AdultFriendFinder. Their response was generally, “one or two meetings in person that didn’t work out”. Mostly these women didn’t feel a connection or an attraction to the person once they had met them. This was generally caused by huge discrepancies in their profile (yes, the men were lying on their profiles). In my experience I have found this to be a common occurrence due to the anonymity a person possesses on the Internet. They get to portray themselves as they wish they could be or imagine themselves to be.

The majority of these conversations ended without further contact. After all, with a 20 to 1 ratio of women to men on this site, women have “the pick of the litter”. This doesn’t mean that a man can’t be selective also; it just means the women have a larger selection. I am personally extremely selective of who I choose to have an encounter with. I’m not looking to put another notch on my belt (or bedpost); I’m looking for sexual compatibility, passion, heat, and excitement with a woman (or couple for that matter). This is just to fulfill my needs.

4. My Original Profile: “PhaorohK”
As of this date, I have been on AdultFriendFinder for less than a month. My original profile (PaharohK) was building a fairly sizable network (36 people and growing), my profile was exactly the way I wanted it, I had built up a good amount of points, then a few days ago… “Crash”; no photo on my profile, just a blank where my photo used to be, I am listed as "other" or "couple" instead of a man, where it used to say at the top of the profile “35 year old Man in New Rochelle, New York, United States” it now says “35 year old Prefer not to say in New Rochelle, New York, United States”, e-mails suddenly come to me in German, honestly (Take a look).

Liebe(r) PharaohK,

Hiermit teilen wir Ihnen mit, daß Ihr Profil bei AdultFriendFinder
genehmigt wurde und es damit von unseren Mitgliedern eingesehen werden kann.
Schon bald können Sie mit Tausenden Gleichgesinnten Kontakte knüpfen und Spaß

I would never want to be misleading (like some of the idiots here), so I created a new profile with a new handle: ”PharaohsKiss”. Then, as a part of totally filling out my new profile I go to the section to link my profile to other AdultFriendFinder owned sites (Passion.Com particularly), it won’t let me create a link to “PharaohsKiss” and tells me to create a new handle, I do and it creates a new profile “in” AdultFriendFinder as well under the handle “PharaohKOne” (jeez!). The PharaohsKiss profile seems to be working OK so far, so I’ll stick with it.

5. Two Wonderfully Sexy Women
A few days after rejoining AdultFriendFinder I received an e-mail from a woman. I checked out her profile and seemed we had a number of things in common. At that time I had a main profile picture of me holding my dick, (never will I use a “face” or “headshot”, I’m not into having my face plastered all over the Internet associated with “The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Personals Site”, let’s be realistic about this; I’m a business owner, I have clients, family, and friends that I just don’t want them to know about my sexual proclivities, it’s just nobody else’s business but mine) anyway, she said my dick reminded her of her ex-husband’s.

We exchanged e-mails, talked on the phone, and met for a drink in a public place. She matched her profile exactly. She was beautiful, sexy, intellectual, and hot as all hell. After about an hour and a half of talking (straight talking, real talking, direct talking) and only one drink each; she asked me if I’d like to get out of there, go back to her place, and talk more in a relaxed environment.

I followed her in my car to her place. She showed me around, her place was beautiful, very well appointed and extremely clean. After 15 minutes of sitting down talking the conversation turned to sex. Up to this point the only physical contact we had made was a handshake when we met. At the restaurant/bar she was wearing a dark blue business suit, her jacket remained buttoned the entire time we were there. Now, as we talked more about sex, she unbuttoned and took off her jacket revealing that she was wearing a beige sheer, low-cut silk blouse with no bra. This was obvious because you could see not only in the protrusion of her nipples and their erectness, but the darker color of her nipples in contrast to the blouse.

She was telling me about the experiences she had with her ex-husband. I was relaying similar experiences, all the while we were inching closer to each other. All it took was our hands to touch again and we melted into each other. What a night! I explored every inch of her body; top to bottom, bottom to top, over and over again.

When we had finally exhausted ourselves the sun was almost rising. This was a weekday, so I needed to get a few hours sleep before work (you would think that by owning my own business I could make my own hours, but I work more hours than anyone who works for me). She felt the same way (as being a business owner herself) and she was concerned about the neighbors seeing me leave as they were all leaving for work themselves.

A few more kisses, then I got dressed went back for some more kisses, a quick suck of her beautiful breasts, a rub of her still swollen clit, and out the door I went. We have met a few times after that night (these times going straight to her house), repeating and introducing new things to the lovemaking. Which brings me to…

The second woman I met through AdultFriendFinder was a 26-year-old Asian beauty. Young, vibrant, and bubbly is her personality. She told me that she had been in a two year exclusively lesbian relationship that had just ended badly. Her girlfriend had become extremely possessive and jealous. It had been nearly three years since she had found herself attracted to a man.

Bringing a man into the bedroom was a fantasy she had throughout her past relationship. It was something openly discussed (especially during sex) and she thought her girlfriend (who really acted like she was into the idea) felt the same way. Well, this never occurred.

We decided to meet at a club not too far away from where she lived. She felt secure there, she was known by the staff as well as a number of the patrons. We drank, we laughed, we danced, and we talked for hours. Her dancing was especially arousing.

A number of times throughout the night she danced with other women in a very sensual way. Then, towards the end of the night she started dancing the same way with me; letting her body and hands glance over my dick repeatedly.

As we are both smokers (and you can't smoke in bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. in New York anymore) we both went outside a number of times. It was on one of these times that we started to make-out. It was very hot and heavy. We were grabbing, cupping, rubbing, and caressing each other’s bodies all over while sharing each other’s tongues deeply. She’s a lot smaller than I am, so placing her back against the building was a lot easier for me to lean down and make-out with her. She commented that I was the tallest guy she ever made-out with and that I have the softest lips of any man “ever”. All I could say was, “thank you” then get back to the kissing and touching.

We didn’t have sex that night but two nights later we were talking on the telephone; she told me she kept looking at my profile pictures and the photos in my network album. As she told me this I went to my computer and opened her profile, looked at her pictures and the pictures in her network album. I worked her into a frenzy telling her all the things I would do to her. She then said, “Well what the fuck are you doing over there? Get over here and fuck me!” She gave me her address; I popped it into MapQuest (so I wouldn’t get lost).

Even though she lived only 20 minutes away from me, 10 minutes into my ride she called and told me that if I didn’t get over there soon she was going to start without me. I told her that was fine as long she didn’t cum. I said, “That’s my job. I want your first and every orgasm you have tonight be because I gave it to you.” 10 minutes later I was in her neighborhood but I couldn’t find her building. I called her back, described some landmarks to her and five minutes later I was at her door.

She buzzed me into her building; I took the elevator to her floor and knocked on her door. The door opened a bit, she said “Come on in.” while standing behind the door. When I entered she grabbed me from behind not allowing me to see her. She held me tight rubbing her hands all over my body. When I turned she was standing there naked. That was it. After an hour or so of intense lovemaking she led me to the bedroom where we continued. This went on for quite a while; laughing and joking in between hot lovemaking sessions.

At one point we were having a cigarette and she brought in her laptop. She opened AdultFriendFinder and went to my profile. She said to tell me about “her” (referring to the testimonial the “first” woman I had met on AdultFriendFinder had left). As I was telling her, she kept saying “Give me the details.” And I did. This brought about another session of lovemaking in which she said while performing various acts and positions, “Did she do it like this?” and “Did it feel like this?” That was very hot.

By the end of the night she was expressing her desire to meet the first woman. The caveat was; it was to be a three-way. I told her I would have to ask, but it sounded like a fantastic idea to me. Which brings me to…

On my next conversation with the first woman, I told her about my experience with the second and her deep interest in having a three-way. Since she had many such experiences before with her ex-husband, this piqued her interest. In fact, it made her extremely hot. I relayed this to the second woman and with both of their consent I gave them each other’s phone numbers.

They have both agreed not to meet in person unless I was there. It hasn’t happened yet, but what a night that’s going to be.

Mika4UNY 38F

10/29/2005 10:42 pm

You need to finish telling the story. I know **Wink Wink** it's not over

Wide_n_Wild 47F

10/31/2005 4:11 pm

I want to hear the rest (I'm sooooooooo wet from just reading what happend so far).

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