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pfunkca 42M
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3/2/2006 10:25 pm

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7/17/2014 7:04 am

What Is Goin on

Just lookin around that site and wondering what i have to do to make it on the success story page. What makes it a success story anyway marriage, kids, relationship what? So if the success story does not work out will they drop the story or put up a new are called success to failure storys.

kelly922 50T  
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1/15/2007 7:56 pm

not everyone in life gets delt the same hand, sucess can only be measured by the goals you have set for yourself not what other hold for you! if you can find any kind of happiness in that then you have sucess!

nagginwitch 48F
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5/24/2007 9:44 am

I have to agree with mzhunyhole. Success is whatever makes you happy. Your goals and what makes you happy will change over time but just because your goals change doesn't make your previous successes a failure. For example me, right now I'm not looking for a relationship. I just got out of one and just want to have a good time right now. I know eventually I'll want to settle down again but I'm happy now and that's all that matters. When I do settle down with someone that makes me happy and later we split up for whatever reasons, doesn't make that relationship a failure either. At the time it was what I wanted and that makes it a success.

Your goals and dreams will change over time, it's human nature. That means that your partners goals and dreams will change too. But what makes relationships crumble is when you and your partners goals and dreams follow different paths. But that relationship was not a failure if at one point you were happy together.

Good luck in whatever you are seeking. Find out who YOU are and concentrate on making yourself happy.

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