"Art of Dance"........  

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12/9/2005 10:16 am

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"Art of Dance"........

Dancing is a Art........

I have been in the Art of Dancing since I was four years old.The dance lessons I took was Tap,Mondern Jazz,Clogging.I can still remember getting my first pair of tap shoes!,still have them today!

Dance is another great way to keep fit! I'ts very rewarding,and it shows!I also remember the down falls of dance too! I always had leg cramps,burning muscels,bumps,dancer's feet,pain,all in all,it was well worth it!My workout every other day has been dance,it sure helps me to keep in shape!

Dance help your legs>? Well,in my opition,It sure dose! Keeps my legs toned,slender,they grew up to be a fine ass! *wink*
Just a little humour there!

Have a Great Day! Peace Out!

Pfct4me xo!...

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