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1/12/2006 4:14 pm

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WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE-----My one of a kind friend ,and got together for coffee the other day.Nothing unusual---afterwards i stopped by her house to help with some furniture moving---again nothing unusual---finished---the man of the house (not me) would be home soon---iwas going to wait for him(been awhile 'eh)---but decided to go---since i had tomany other errands to run

-at the door we said our goodbyes,kissed andhugged-just as i was opening the door,she mentioned that she hadn't thanked me--"you're one of my best friends,no need to thank me",I said-and again turned to leave.

grabbing my arm--she told that this time ,she needed to thank me--by the time i had turned to look at her ,she was already un buckeling my belt,,
well boy and girls----this was one of those rip each others clothes off and fuck wild and hard--

we had had sex before----but it had been years
but nothing like this--luckily we had just gotten our clothes back on when her boyfriend drove in

gotta tel you---she can thank me anytime

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1/28/2006 9:49 am

well that sounds like you were well thanked my friend..hugs


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