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Here basic rules to know as for the use of the condom (male or female):

- A box of condom, or a packing of condom (condom: who preserves diseases and infections sexually transmissible) with a marking "CE" (European Community) and/or "NF" (French Standard), at least. If a condom does not comprise at least one of these two extremely severe standards, don't use it. In case of doubt, contact us.
- A male condom is put on a sex in erection.

- Preserve your condoms and your lubricants in a dry and fresh place, with the shelter of the sun.

- Be careful, do not keep a condom in your pocket of trousers or of Jean permanently, the prolonged and repeated exposure condom to the heat of your body, can thus make it porous, and ineffective!

- Open the individual packing of origin of the condom only before one report/ratio, and not several hours before this one.

- Read the note! Yes, much of people do not know yet how to remove it or put it correctly. Do not hesitate to involve you before a seul(e) report/ratio in your corner, if you do not have the practice.

- A condom comes with a 5 years of use starting from its date of manufacture. Check this one before any use.

- You Make the nails before unrolling a condom! Indeed, much of tear to the installation of the condom are due to badly maintained or cutting nails. The rings comprising of the projecting members can be also dangerous at the time of the installation.

- Do the condoms have tendency "to tear" with you and/or your partner? Use lubricant!

- Do not put two condoms one on the other, they is useless and dangerous; indeed a condom is effective if it is used only. If one covers it with a second condom, those will rub one on the other, being likely to tear, and in addition one of both risk "to be pushed" by the other inside the vagina or of the anus of your partner, during the sexual relation ship. To proscribe, therefore.

- If a condom with tendency to wedge itself at the time of unfolding, it is that it is very slightly too large, in the majority of the cases. Test other very slightly smaller.

- Use additional lubricants in agreement with the condom: if the condom is manufactured with a lubricant water based, also use an additional lubricant based on water. Even logical for the condoms lubricated with a lubricant containing silicone.

- NEVER use another thing but lubricants specialized for the sexual relation ship with the condoms. Indeed of another products can make porous the condom to see dissolving it! No butter, no olive oil, no grease, etc.

- You do not have or more condom? Drink a coffee or make pottery! This is less dangerous...

- Do cutaneous reactions appear after the use of the condom? Consult your practitionar attending by bringing the box of condom and/or the model of this one to him.

Condoms Femidom [Female Condom]

A new means of the sexual risks prevention,
intended for the women.
FEMIDOM ensures a double role of protection with the sexually transmitted diseases, including the virus of the AIDS (HIV), and a contraceptive method.

The female condom is without latex, in extremist-resistant, very fine, soft and sensitive polyurethane. It's adopted by more and more numerous users and satisfied. France became the biggest user of Feminine preservatives in Europe.

This preservative is an alternate one to the preservative for the prevention of the AIDS and other IST. It can be used in all circumstances, by any woman wishing to control her protection, but also in special difficult cases to manage:
by all woman of which the partner does not want or cannot use the masculine preservative
by all woman hiv-positive or of which the companion is hiv-positive
by all woman presenting another IST or of which the partner presents another IST.

This is an effective protection method. It can be proposed to the women having a good knowledge of their anatomy.

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