Travels with Steinbeck  

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5/24/2005 2:21 am

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Travels with Steinbeck

Hi John,

first I met your name, I hated you as the author of recomended literature. I had read a short article of your popular book posted in out text book. After I stammered thru and misstranslated it in my mothertongue, I understood nothing except a disapointed teacher's voice.
Some years later I got your book (translated, of course) from a friend and started to read it. Everywhere. In bed, tram, bus, school. And finaly I mentioned that I have to read it before. It took me a bit of time to remember for the article of the English courses.
I forgave you 77x for that you became an author exploited in textbooks. Your sharp eye for people and their behavior, your perception of silent speech of objects sorrownding us.
Well that had flashed though my head while browsing the pages which try to connect the people. I suddenly recollect in my mind your description of some fastfood: "... everything was made of plastic, the table, the cup, the teespoon, may be also the coffee and the coffee-girl, too. ..."
Here on the Internet everything is made of zeros and ones: texts, pictures, voices, moovies, and perhaps the people, too. Arent they?

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