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A conversation

This is a conversation bewteen my friend and I that is a little interesting and very sexual so I hope you all enjoy. Anyway, it is kind of long so I hope you can hold out and maybe this will help explain myself a little better.

persephone666_kore: hi
flguy4816: hi again
flguy4816: you were going to suck my cock weren't you
persephone666_kore: yeah, but mommy woke up
flguy4816: oh ok
persephone666_kore: I can still suck it while she's in the bathroom
flguy4816: ok
persephone666_kore: do you want me to suck it?
flguy4816: yes
flguy4816: i do
flguy4816: after i cum in your mouth i want you to hold it there
persephone666_kore: ok daddy, for how long?
flguy4816: maybe 10 or 20 minutes...can you do that honey
persephone666_kore: yes I can daddy
persephone666_kore: I'll do whatever you want
flguy4816: still here?
persephone666_kore: I'll be you good little slut
flguy4816: will you let my friends come over and all of them cum in your mouth
persephone666_kore: yeah, I'll do and fuck whoever you want daddy
persephone666_kore: how many friends will you have over?
flguy4816: 6
persephone666_kore: ok
flguy4816: i want you to lie on the bed and they will jerk off in your mouth
flguy4816: do you want more friends over?
persephone666_kore: umm...
persephone666_kore: you can have as many friends over as you want daddy
persephone666_kore: I don't mind
persephone666_kore: lol
flguy4816: i'll call them now ok?
persephone666_kore: ok daddy
persephone666_kore: do you think they'll like me?
flguy4816: i think they will
persephone666_kore: I hope they do
persephone666_kore: are they around your age daddy?
flguy4816: yes
persephone666_kore: ok, I like that
persephone666_kore: how long intil they get here?
flguy4816: mmmmm
flguy4816: they should be here in a minute
flguy4816: i hear the door bell now
flguy4816: come in guys
persephone666_kore: do you want me to take my clothes off, or strip?
flguy4816: strip
persephone666_kore: ok
persephone666_kore: I'll strip for you and your friends
flguy4816: ok...let's go to the living room
persephone666_kore: ok
flguy4816: ok guys sit around..marie is going to entertain us
persephone666_kore: lol, do you want me to strip all my clothes off, or just some?
flguy4816: all of them
persephone666_kore: ok daddy
flguy4816: do it now honey
persephone666_kore: I am daddy
persephone666_kore: I'm not that good at it yet
persephone666_kore: I still need practice
flguy4816: pull your panties down
persephone666_kore: ok, do you want them?
flguy4816: yes
persephone666_kore: you can put them in your pocket and save them for later
flguy4816: ok
flguy4816: now lie down on your back honey
persephone666_kore: ok daddy
flguy4816: now all the guys will stand around you
persephone666_kore: they have big dicks daddy
flguy4816: yes they do
flguy4816: now the first guy will shoot in your mouth
persephone666_kore: they're going to hurt a little
persephone666_kore: ok
persephone666_kore: are they going to fuck me?
flguy4816: no they are not going to hurt you
flguy4816: do you want them to fuck you
persephone666_kore: yeah, I want they're big dicks inside me and pounding me really hard, but I want you to go first so they know how hard I want to get fucked
flguy4816: ok
flguy4816: let him jerk off in your mouth now
persephone666_kore: ok daddy
persephone666_kore: am I being good?
flguy4816: he jerks off in your mouth
flguy4816: yes you are marie
flguy4816: here's the next guy
persephone666_kore: ok, will you fuck me as I suck him?
flguy4816: sorry got booted
persephone666_kore: oh it's ok
flguy4816: the second guy is jerking off in your mouth
persephone666_kore: ok
flguy4816: don't swallow honey
persephone666_kore: why not daddy?
persephone666_kore: I like cum
flguy4816: i want you to hold it in your mouth
persephone666_kore: ok
flguy4816: now the third guy is cumming
persephone666_kore: do you still want me to hold the cum in my mouth?
flguy4816: yes until they all cum in your mouth
flguy4816: can you do that honey?
persephone666_kore: yeah, but it's starting to cum out the side of my mouth daddy
flguy4816: only one more honey
flguy4816: he shoots his load in your mouth
persephone666_kore: ok daddy
flguy4816: now hold it in your mouth honey
persephone666_kore: I will
flguy4816: does it taste good?
persephone666_kore: yeah
flguy4816: now walk around and show us the cum in your mouth
persephone666_kore: ok daddy
flguy4816: show my friends marie
persephone666_kore: I am daddy
flguy4816: (god this is hot)
persephone666_kore: lol, I know
persephone666_kore: do you wished it happened for real
flguy4816: (do you like this role tonight?_
persephone666_kore: yeah
flguy4816: oh yes i wish i could happen for real...you?
persephone666_kore: lol, yeah, it would be fun
flguy4816: would you really think about doing that
persephone666_kore: yeah
flguy4816: mmmmmm
persephone666_kore: lol, I know
flguy4816: that would turn me on
persephone666_kore: I know it would
flguy4816: would it turn you on
persephone666_kore: yeah
persephone666_kore: a lot
flguy4816: then my friends might have to piss on you
flguy4816: would you let them
persephone666_kore: yeah, as long as I'm in the tub or something lol
persephone666_kore: but I don't mind it
flguy4816: (you ever do that for real?)
persephone666_kore: yeah, once
flguy4816: where did he piss on you
flguy4816: tits? ass?
persephone666_kore: no, he pissed on my pussy and my thigh
persephone666_kore: it was really hot
persephone666_kore: I don't remember if I pissed on him
flguy4816: did he piss in your cunt or on it
persephone666_kore: on it
flguy4816: mmmmm
flguy4816: my friends might want to piss in it and in your mouth
persephone666_kore: he also pissed on my stomach, so it dripped onto my pussy and thigh
persephone666_kore: they can piss in my pussy all they want, but not in my mouth
persephone666_kore: ewwwwwwwwwwww
persephone666_kore: lol
flguy4816: ok....lol
persephone666_kore: have you ever pissed on anyone b4?
flguy4816: on your face?
flguy4816: once
persephone666_kore: no
flguy4816: ok
persephone666_kore: anywhere else is fine
flguy4816: ok
flguy4816: did you swallow the cum honey?
persephone666_kore: yeah
persephone666_kore: I liked it a lot daddy
flguy4816: good
persephone666_kore: am I going to get fukced now?
flguy4816: yes
persephone666_kore: ok
flguy4816: get on all fours
persephone666_kore: ok daddy
flguy4816: i get down behind you
flguy4816: and rub my cock on your cunt
flguy4816: i push it in hard and fast
persephone666_kore: ooooooooooooooooooooh
persephone666_kore: I like that daddy
flguy4816: i slap your ass as i fuck you
persephone666_kore: slap me really and fuck me really hard, make it hurt
flguy4816: i slap your ass hard
flguy4816: making it hurt, turning your ass red
flguy4816: (how hard)O
persephone666_kore: really hard daddy
flguy4816: i hit your ass hard
persephone666_kore: mmmmmmm
flguy4816: i keep hitting it as i fuck you
flguy4816: slamming my cock in yur cunt
flguy4816: hitting your ass and legs
persephone666_kore: ooooooooooooh, you're hurting me daddy
flguy4816: (hit your face?)
persephone666_kore: ok
flguy4816: (hard?)
persephone666_kore: ok
persephone666_kore: I like pain daddy
flguy4816: i slap your face
flguy4816: one cheek then the other
persephone666_kore: I like that
persephone666_kore: that hurts daddy
flguy4816: i fuck your cunt andslap your face again
persephone666_kore: oooooooooooooh daddy that feels really good
persephone666_kore: harder
flguy4816: i punch your ass
persephone666_kore: harder daddy
flguy4816: and slap your face
flguy4816: i punch your face
persephone666_kore: you're hurting me daddy?
flguy4816: i will stop then
persephone666_kore: no
persephone666_kore: keep going
flguy4816: i punch you again
flguy4816: hit you
persephone666_kore: I lik it
flguy4816: slap you
flguy4816: kick you
persephone666_kore: kick me where?
flguy4816: in your ass
flguy4816: where do you want to be kicked
persephone666_kore: I don't know, you're my master daddy
flguy4816: your stomach
flguy4816: and legs
persephone666_kore: ok daddy
persephone666_kore: here cum your friends
flguy4816: i want to hit you with something
persephone666_kore: you're friend is giving you his belt
flguy4816: i take it
persephone666_kore: what are you going to do with that daddy?
flguy4816: i hit you with the belt
flguy4816: hit your ass with it
persephone666_kore: ouch daddy, that hurt
flguy4816: i hit you again
persephone666_kore: what else are you going to do daddy
flguy4816: hit yuor back and legs
persephone666_kore: ok
persephone666_kore: I going to egt away from you daddy
flguy4816: punch you again
flguy4816: why
persephone666_kore: I'm going to hide from you
flguy4816: why
flguy4816: don't you like this
persephone666_kore: because you can't catch me
persephone666_kore: yes
flguy4816: i can catch you
persephone666_kore: no you can't daddy
persephone666_kore: I'll run away and hide
flguy4816: i run after you
persephone666_kore: what are you going to do if you catch me?
flguy4816: beat you with a piece of wood
persephone666_kore: ok
persephone666_kore: how big?
flguy4816: 2 ft
persephone666_kore: ok daddy
flguy4816: you like that honey
persephone666_kore: yeah
persephone666_kore: do you
flguy4816: it might really hurt
persephone666_kore: it's ok
flguy4816: i hate to admit it but this is turning me on
persephone666_kore: I like the p[ain
persephone666_kore: that's good
persephone666_kore: will you beat me hard with it daddy
flguy4816: i like giving pain
persephone666_kore: good
flguy4816: yes
flguy4816: i will
flguy4816: you tell me where to beat you
persephone666_kore: wherever you want daddy
flguy4816: no you tell me
persephone666_kore: are you're friends going to help
persephone666_kore: my ass and back
flguy4816: yes
flguy4816: they will
flguy4816: i get the piece of wood
flguy4816: i hit your ass with it
persephone666_kore: ok
flguy4816: then anothe takes it and hits your back
flguy4816: another hits your ass again
persephone666_kore: daddy, one of your friends is putting the belt around my neck
flguy4816: he is choking you
flguy4816: while i hit your face
persephone666_kore: it's really tight daddy
flguy4816: i see it
flguy4816: make it tighter
persephone666_kore: I like that
flguy4816: you fucking dirty slut whore
persephone666_kore: I know daddy, I'm yours
flguy4816: i wish you were
persephone666_kore: me too
persephone666_kore: daddy, he's choking me really hard now
flguy4816: i see that
flguy4816: i want him to make it tighter
persephone666_kore: I can't breath
flguy4816: i stop him
flguy4816: and loosen the belt
persephone666_kore: why?
flguy4816: you couldn't breathe
persephone666_kore: so
persephone666_kore: it's ok
flguy4816: i let him tighten it again
persephone666_kore: thank you
flguy4816: he makes it tighter
persephone666_kore: what else are you going to do to me daddy
flguy4816: burn you with my cigarette
persephone666_kore: where?
flguy4816: on your ass and tits
persephone666_kore: no daddy, that'll hurt
flguy4816: where then
persephone666_kore: I don't know
flguy4816: your ass then
persephone666_kore: ok
flguy4816: bend over
persephone666_kore: what if I beat you up?
flguy4816: you can't
flguy4816: my cock is sooo hard now
flguy4816: are you fingering?
persephone666_kore: yeah
persephone666_kore: but what happens if I beat you up daddy
persephone666_kore: I'll run and hide so you can't get me
flguy4816: then i will have to beat you again
persephone666_kore: ok
flguy4816: but not tonight
persephone666_kore: why?
flguy4816: it's late 130am
flguy4816: i have to work tomorrow
flguy4816: god this was fantastic
persephone666_kore: oh, ok
persephone666_kore: did you really like it?
flguy4816: yes
flguy4816: a lot
persephone666_kore: have you ever done that b4?
flguy4816: no
persephone666_kore: would you want to?
flguy4816: you?
persephone666_kore: some
flguy4816: you mean in real or on line
persephone666_kore: real
flguy4816: yes
persephone666_kore: it's fun
flguy4816: it can hurt too
persephone666_kore: lol, I know
flguy4816: what have you done
persephone666_kore: I've been beaten but not by objects or anything like that
persephone666_kore: I have been choked but only by hands
flguy4816: where were you beaten?
persephone666_kore: on my face,butt,back,and arms
flguy4816: slapped or punched
persephone666_kore: both
flguy4816: who suggested it first
persephone666_kore: it was him
flguy4816: were you sitting when he punched you in the face
persephone666_kore: I've been with 2 guys that like to beat
persephone666_kore: no, I was standing
flguy4816: you just stood there?
persephone666_kore: yeah
flguy4816: did he knock you down
persephone666_kore: no, he almost did but I got my balance back
flguy4816: did you bleed
persephone666_kore: no
flguy4816: where did he punch you
persephone666_kore: on my face and sometimes my back
persephone666_kore: he'd also slap my ass
persephone666_kore: or slap my face
persephone666_kore: if I was bad
flguy4816: did he kick you?
flguy4816: how were you bad?
flguy4816: (this is turning me on now)
persephone666_kore: none of them ever kick me
persephone666_kore: I was only bad if I didn't let him fuck me
persephone666_kore: or if I didn't suck his dick until he came
flguy4816: my cock is hard now just talking like this
flguy4816: it's making me want to beat you
persephone666_kore: really?
persephone666_kore: I'd let you
flguy4816: yes really
flguy4816: but i might hit you really hard
persephone666_kore: it's ok
persephone666_kore: I don't mind
flguy4816: i am getting these thoughts of hitting you, slapping you, punching you and pissing on you
persephone666_kore: I like that daddy
flguy4816: oh god...
persephone666_kore: I haven't had anyone beat me for awhile
persephone666_kore: I need it
flguy4816: how long
persephone666_kore: umm... a couple of months
persephone666_kore: I'm trying to find someone who'll do it
persephone666_kore: it's hard to find one though
flguy4816: i would
persephone666_kore: I know
persephone666_kore: I would love it if you did
flguy4816: do you just ask someone?
persephone666_kore: no, I ask them what they're into and that I'm the type of person that really likes pain
flguy4816: what do they say then
persephone666_kore: I haven't found anyone who would treat me like you possibly would
flguy4816: where do you go to meet them?
persephone666_kore: they just say the usual "I'll sapnk you if you're being naughty", "I don't take 'no' for an answer"
flguy4816: but....
persephone666_kore: but they never spank me or beat me like they say they are
persephone666_kore: websites
flguy4816: do you tell them to hit you harder
persephone666_kore: yeah, but they hit me the same
flguy4816: where do you go to do this
persephone666_kore: oh, well it depends on if I meet the person face to face and we just go back to his place or a hotel
flguy4816: do you ever cry out in pain
persephone666_kore: I did once
flguy4816: when you get to his place or a hotel do you just start or do you talk at all
persephone666_kore: we talk at first and then we kiss,get naked, and then we start fucking
persephone666_kore: that's it
persephone666_kore: sometimes oral
flguy4816: you get beaten after you fuck?
persephone666_kore: no
flguy4816: when do you get beaten
persephone666_kore: if I don't let the person fuck me
persephone666_kore: or if I stall while sucking or fucking
persephone666_kore: I'll get slapped
flguy4816: but don't you meet them with the idea that he will beat you?
persephone666_kore: yeah, but when we meet they don't think like that anymore
flguy4816: have you ever just gotten beaten
persephone666_kore: for what? anything?
flguy4816: yes..you just go to the hotel and you stand there and he starts to hit you
persephone666_kore: oh, no
persephone666_kore: not yet
persephone666_kore: lol
flguy4816: oh...that's what i thought it would be
persephone666_kore: no, altohugh, that would be fun
persephone666_kore: lol
flguy4816: what does your mom say when you come home injured and bruised
persephone666_kore: the 2 guys that I've been with no how to beat you without bruising you
flguy4816: oh
persephone666_kore: I don't know how they do it, but it works
flguy4816: god i wish i could do that to you
persephone666_kore: do what daddy?
flguy4816: beat you
flguy4816: on your ass
flguy4816: and back
flguy4816: and tits
flguy4816: and cunt
flguy4816: and face
persephone666_kore: ok daddy
persephone666_kore: I'd like that
persephone666_kore: if we were to ever meet, would you do that?
persephone666_kore: or would you be scared?
flguy4816: i would do it
flguy4816: i'd really love to slap your face
persephone666_kore: me too daddy
flguy4816: because you are a cum sucking whore
persephone666_kore: I know
flguy4816: you deserve to be beaten
flguy4816: and choked
persephone666_kore: I do
persephone666_kore: at least you know
persephone666_kore: lol
flguy4816: you are worthless
flguy4816: a worthless piece of shit
persephone666_kore: lol, I know daddy
flguy4816: keep telling me those things (i need to cum)
persephone666_kore: ok daddy
persephone666_kore: so, you'll beat me if I don't do what you say or want?
flguy4816: yes
persephone666_kore: will you do it hard
flguy4816: (but say it now ok)
flguy4816: yes i will hit you hard
persephone666_kore: say what
flguy4816: all those things i just said about you
persephone666_kore: I'm a worthless piece of shit and I deserve to get beaten
persephone666_kore: by anyone
flguy4816: yes say more
persephone666_kore: I'm a cock sucking whore
persephone666_kore: all I want to do is fuck
persephone666_kore: and get fucked
persephone666_kore: I love cum and I want it all over me
persephone666_kore: I'll make any man who beats me happy
persephone666_kore: (is that good?)
flguy4816: yesss

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Fucking hot! Im a fan!

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