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pieces that complete perpetuous BLISS pt 7

"My Dreamy Days of Spring"

Who can not enjoy the season of Spring? Well perhaps the poor unfornate allergy sufferers would dread the anticipation of high pollen, ragweed, and mold counts.

Well...I love Spring....this is my favortie season, because it awakens all my senses....

SIGHT...The assiduous hummingbord drains the savory nector from a long tubular blossom of the poisonous digitalis.
Or see how the clouds in the sky resemble the crisp freshness of newly sheared wool from sheep.

SOUND...I've acheived the serenity from birds chirping from their nests filled with teal toned eggs.
I've listened to the rustling, rhythmic swaying of the tree branches caused by a breeze.

TOUCH...I've felt the warm, rejuvenating effects of the brilliant rays of the sun on my exposed flesh.
My barefeet with my toes curling to nestle in the trim, green blades of grass.
The feeling of a cool spring breeze that invigorates my mind.
Or how swollen clouds begin to overflow, and trinkle the rain down upon me

TASTE...My bland taste buds have been refreshed by the sprinkling raindrops dancing upon my open mouth.
Of course who can neglect the rewards of a busy bees hard day at work....my tongue is immensely grateful to lavish the sweet taste of fresh honey.

SMELL...How can a perfume compare to the aromas of a cascading wisteria, a lavender color burst of lilac, a delicate pink clustered hyacinth, a gorgeous plume of a peony, or the seductive scent of stock.
A spicy pot-pourri scent could tickle your nostrils emerging from an herb garden filled with dill, cilantro, oregano, mint, and basil.

What a better way to conclude, with the awakening of our five, somewhat dormant senses, then with Spring.

P.S. How about a spring storm that quickly disperses, and uncovers an exquiste rainbow that has been formed by the radiant sun.

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