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personal pieces that complete perpetuous bliss 4

"The Myth of Logic & The Truth of Reality"
-I used to feel that my sanity was slipping
through the gaps between my fingers like sand.
-I felt that my sanity was waiting right at my
front door of consciousness.
-I question life; why do we exist?
What is the real purpose of our existenance?
I can not come up with a logical explanation.
-Why does anything on this planet exist?
Why do we have longer lives than cats?
Why do we have shorter lives than redwood trees?
-What will happen if they discover life on a
distant planet?
Maybe they already have. And if they did
would we fall into utter chaos?
-Would the fall of religion be eminent?
The basic fundamentals of our beliefs would be
presented with astronomical challenges of
-Would we fall upon a mass depression?
Fearing that there is neither hell, or heaven?
Fearing the life found, could be in relation to
some alien creature that will impend our doom?
-Did the Egyptians, and Mayans, know something
the same, while being thousands of miles apart?
-We know that Venus, Isis, and Zeus did not exist,
so why do we believe that Jesus did?
-Does faith represent logic?

-Well let me tell you where my faith is........
..I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
..I belive in Mary, Joseph, Apostles, and Saints.
..I believe that we are visited by spirits.
..I believe that there is "life" after death.
..Therefore I don't believe that once you are dead
...that's it..nothing more..grande finale.
..I believe that no one should take a life, unless
a life is seriously threatened.
..Therefore I don't believe in capital punishment.
..I believe in love.
..I believe in soulmates.
..I believe in some twisted way that sharing my
soulmate sexually is a loving thing.
..I believe, Freddie's heart is mine, and mine is
..I believe we do walk a road of cruelty filled
with pain, and sorrow.
..I believe at the end, our world will become a
new found light, as it had started with our

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