excerpts from our EROTICA pt 3  

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6/19/2005 9:08 pm

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excerpts from our EROTICA pt 3

"An Innoxious Touch from an Obscene Encounter"

I assume my naked body into a primitive, animalistic position by placing my hands , and knees down on the bed. I then tout my ass into the air(doggie-style).

His exposed stance is behind me on his knees. While he is upright on his knees, his hand glides lubrication up, and down his extensive, voluminous, onyx toned dick.

He begins to tease, and taunt my hungary ass by sliding his robust, dark cock, between my pale, plump cheeks. He continues to entice my appetite by grinding the head itself on my puckering hole.

My groans are beckoning him to penetrate inside me. I am quivering from the anticipation.

He tenderly pushes forth the engorged head of his cock into my tight, moist hole.

The silence has been broken by our echoing moans of bliss caused by him first, then followed by mine.

....His once tender probing has now become a fierce onslaught of thrusts. My hands grasping at the linens with my fingers. My feet arch back, and my toes curl.
.....My tongue lashes out with ecstasy. My eyes are wide open, but with such pleasure I can not see.

I command him that he fucks me while I'm on my back. He withdraws, while I turn over onto my back. I toss my legs up into the air, and he grabs hold of my ankles, and throws my feet upon his shoulders.
...He demands that I succumb to him, so he can penetrate me deeper...

His gorgeous piercing brown eyes travel deep within my soul as he continues to fuck me from on top...A stream of salty perspiration drips from his temples down onto my chest...I proceed to rub the sweat around my aroused nipples.

His low hanging balls smack my ass, with every thrusting motion....
....His thighs begin to spasm....
He releases an intoxicating moan as he sporadically pumps his cum into me.

...My ass swells from within, because of all the cum he has unleashed inside me....He has shot deep within me.

He begins to withdraw his drained, black penis from my ass....He collapses from exhaustion....
..His penis continues to spill forth driplets of cum.

My aching, pulsating hole is left open for a brief chance to glance of what juciness lurks deep inside. Then like petals from a rose in a cold room, my hole once again closes, awaiting it's next intense journey to begin.....

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