excerpt from our EROTICA  

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4/3/2005 7:00 am

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excerpt from our EROTICA

"Snake Charmer Lookin for Liquid Fire"

I gently kiss his inner thighs, and he squirms
...with delight.
The aroma from his musk is accompanied by the
...salty taste of his flavor.
The anticipation of my next move, has awakened
...every nerve of his body.
I begin to contort my tongue, around his snug
I then proceed to devour each individual nut,and
...suck softly with moans of felicity.
My damp, pink tongue radiates in contrast to his
...dark, black dick.
My tongue dances around the plump, swollen head
...of his cock.
I then proceed to slowly twist, and turn my
...tongue down every inch, by juicy inch of his
I will become a magician for a moment, not
...necessarily a brief one, and without having to
...gag, I will cause his dick to disappear.
His voluminous hershey shaft is embraced by my
...fiery, moist throat.
I begin to ascend up to the tip of his now pre
...-cumming head.
Without hesitation, I once again swallow every
...inch with a sucking motion.

I continue this action to the rhythm of his moans
....and groans.
My hand, jealous of all the excitement my mouth
....is receiving, starts to finger his snug nuts
..while my mouth continues to suck, every inch,
.and then releases every inch with a blow.

His earth toned sexy legs tense....and his toes
My hand grows bored of his nuts, becomes greedy
....and grasps onto the base of his shaft.
With the contradicting action of my mouth, tongue,
....and throat, my hand twists the shaft gliding
..up, and down, every inch that is left exposed
.by my mouth.

He warns me of the impending eruption.
I become more excited if that is even at all
His dick begins to pump a geyser of hot, sticky,
....cum down my throat, and the overflow spills
..out to my lips.
I greedily swallow every sliver of jism.
I want it all...I lick my sticky lips.

Now what bcomes his extra, sensitive cock emerges
..from my mouth, glistening with brilliance from
....its ecstatic endeavor.

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4/3/2005 10:09 am

Very erotic!! Love it!!


rm_ilikemblack 62F

4/16/2005 8:46 pm


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