"The Jewel of the Night" excerpts from our EROTICA  

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8/20/2005 9:24 pm

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"The Jewel of the Night" excerpts from our EROTICA

Three men.
A balmy summer night.
Three men full of carnal desire.
cum together to succumb to their lust.

An equation of three, two black males, and one white male.
A concoction made for sin.
So it begins.........

Me, the white male is treated like the whore, I am....
My lover's thick, ebony dick is shoved down my eager throat.
His fingers are intwined in my locks.
He commands, with his hand, the motion of my orfice for his dick.

My ass is propped up into position for the latest addition to have their with it.
He buries his cappucino brewed toned face between my pale plump cheeks.
He probes, with twisting, and swirling movements deep within my puckering hole.

My lover continues to force my head up, and down every inch of his enlarged, onyx meat.
He demands that once I have engulfed the entire shaft that my tongue shall escape outwards, and tickle his balls.
I cringe, and moan, while the other delicious male continues to massage me from the inside out.
His salivia drips out of my now open hole.

He slowly slides the head, and then every sumptuous inch inside my cavern, until his balls collide with my cheeks.
With a counteracting swift motion where he almost withdraws completely.
Now he begins to pound my ass profusely, with a stern deep voice asks "You want this black dick, and I'll give it all to ya".
My moans of pleasure are muffled by my lover's dick.
The other male withdraws to expose my red gaping hole.

He is taunting, and teasing me in a cruel manner.
I mumble, since my mouth is full of cock, begging, "fuck me."
He continues the onslaught of teasing by pushing just the bulbuous head, in and out.
Lube trickles out of my hole.

He taunts me by asking "How bad do you really want this black dick?"
I reply by thrusting my hips backwards, but his dick dodges my inviting hole, by sliding up the crack of my ass.

They flip me over onto my back.
My lover grasps my ankles, and holds my legs up, and his dick spears down my throat.
The other man wastes no time reentering my hole.

My lover's eyes roll back, and then close. His dick begins to spew forth a geyser of cum that slips down the back of my throat.

Simultaneously the other black male, grunts, and then grabs my thighs, while he pumps his thick load deep within my ass.

We collapse.
We regather our bearings.
To start up again.

BigDickRandy2 32M
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8/31/2005 5:01 pm

Maybe we can get together and bring this story to life. I live in the same city as you. Email me if your interested.

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