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4/2/2005 4:38 am

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Your cock rams my ass.
Your balls pound my ass.
Your hands grasp my sides.
Your ass tightens with each pump.
My eyes squint. My teeth grind.
My dick hangs. My balls dangle.
My ass is teased....My ass hungers for your cock..

Our dripping cum.......covers our tips.
Our worn out bodies.....ache from sex.
Our sweat soaken flesh....glistens in the light.
Our sore tired cocks....pulsate, then wither...
...up to retreat.

Am I the receiver tonight?
Am I the inflickter tonight?
Do I blow tonight?
Am I blown tonight?
Do I dine out tonight?
Am I eatin out tonight?
Do I swallow?
Do I ooze? or Do I shoot off fireworks?

"Eat Ass, Suck Cock, Fist Fuck, Finger Fuck, French Kiss, Jerk off, Tit Play"

Our tongues tied.
...Our cocks intwined.
Our hands covered with hair.
...Our toes curled.
Our bellies collide.
...Our nipples are swollen.
Our eyes are closed.

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