Why some americans are so full with themselves, superffcial and cheeky?  

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9/17/2005 8:22 am

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Why some americans are so full with themselves, superffcial and cheeky?

Hi Kati,

I wanted to send you some better pictures from my work address so you will know exactly whom you are communicating with. I NEVER give out my work addy, but I wanted to alleviate any concerns you might have cutie. One picture is of me in my town home located in Amsterdam, Holland after a late night, and the other is of me in the office while I am looking at some very tragic circumstances on our tracking system regarding hostility towards our drivers in Iraq a few months back. I am so busy at work. I work 15 hrs. a day 7 days a week. I have many different responsibilities that require my attention constantly. You seem to be very direct with any expectations you might have. I appreciate your thoughts. This is my first time on a dating service such as this. A good friend of mine has found success here, and he thought I should give it a try. He has also warned me to be very careful, because many people on these sites are just playing games.! ! ! I certainly hope these are not your intentions, because I find you very attractive and hope for an eventual meeting soon. I wanted to tell you a little more about myself, hoping you will understand who I am. I am an only child, born and raised in Conroe Texas. My father worked for Delta Airlines 30 years. He retired as the general manager of ticket sales for the southwest region. My mother worked for ..... as a Curriculum Director. They met while attending Rice University MANY years ago. I am not married, and have no children. In the past I have attracted women that wanted more than I could give at that particular time in! my life. I am almost 35 now and am tired of running so hard in this r at race called corporate America. I have every intention setting out on my own, with an end result of being self-employed. I have several options I am considering, but have yet to make my mind up. My father once told me, "The definition of LUCK is opportunity meeting preparation at the same time." With these thoughts in mind please smile and at least laugh at my pics, and if you like what you see then perhaps you might share some more pictures of your self with me. Lol

Good morning Bryan,

Well i hope u dont get me wrong when i say that i had fun reading your message.

Its just because is not happen often from a site like AdultFriendFinder to get some serious messages like yours and so...direct and at object

i am also there because i saw that good things can happen.I have a friend and she is like a little sister for me , she meet her husbant on ifriends.com and he come in Romania and took her in Australia where they got married.

We were scared in the begining as Aussie is so far away but they were so in love and nobody could stop her.They got a baby and she is very happy. I bit about their story i have in my personal webpage


I talk and webcam almost daily with her and her parents use to come in my house to webcam with her family all the time when my job allows some time off.

A little about me now.

I am also the only child at my parents ( which to be onest i never liked it ). I was born in a mountin town very pitoresc and i had to struggle beside my parents to survive in the communism time.And if i said communism i guess i said enought.

After communism felt down we found ourselves in a big haotic country where chaos is the main word to describe our gouvernment and the second one..coruption...well coruption i see it everywhere even in Nederland and i see at news that USA is also very familiar with it and we try now to find a way to get out from this mud.

My parents found themselves off of job after the manufactury where they use to work got closed. Now they r retired and try to understand what is going on around them.

As for me i divorced in 1998 because my ex husbant felt in love with a younger girl acctually my best friend at that time. I dont blame him even was terible for me to recouver myself but he was anyway 3 years younger then me and we were almost ( well he was passed 18 acctually ) kids when we got married.

\during one year after divorce i was not able to find myself in good skills to have a normal life and in that time i become close with Oana's family( Oana is the girl married in Aussie).

She asked me to live with them and was a good choice as i needed a little bit stability and help instead of judgements.

I understood that i have a chance to make my dreams come true so i went to university.

I risked a lot as was very expensive and hard to follow day classes together with work( i was working in a office at local gouvernment ).

Oana found herself a job like chathost in a studio and her english skills helped her to make a leaving for her family.

Was in 2001 when she introduced me a guy she meet on internet and in this way i meet my ex dutch boyfriend.

After 3 months of chatting he come in Romania. i must say was very difficult to handle him as he come from a different culture but i was in love at that time with him and willing to make a good future together.

I come also in Nederland often and in this way i started to understand more other things which totally changed my view over world.

He bough me a laptop so i started hosting from home which in the begining was funny as was new for me. Chatting i was forced to improve my english ( i never study it in school, we were force to follow russian and french and if french i can handle enough to not loose myself in Paris russian i speack not more then :da"niet , celavek )

I split with him in 2004 as we both become internet freaks and our intim life was extremelly low.But few circumstances made us remind very close friends and get from our relation in a special friendship only.

Since the winter of last year i meet few other guys but u see Bryan over internet even if u are serious and willing to try to make a relation to work if there is no chemistry is not worth to go further then a first meeting.

And is also hard to put energy and time and soul in chatting with someone that u saw only in pics and u might think that hhmhmh look hansome ja, i should see if something come out from it.

And when u meet in reality u realise that u are 20 cm taller then him or that u cant match at all in intim life or even like personalities.

I gave a chance to a second dutch guy and i come back in Nederland ( is true that being dutch atracted me but there even we matched good in intimacy seeing him still leaving with his mother ( he is 40 yo) and have no willing to risk to mouve by himslef or even trying to find a solution made me step back.

Is amazing me to see this people with a good living who gets so many good things to be so stuck in rules and less ambition and social life.

We remind friends still and i succed to get lots of good friends here, friends that i often meet and i can count on. And few of them got involve and happily married with romanian women.

I decide taking dutch classes as is good for Betania and also for me and looks like i have a skill for learning foreing linguages.But if spanish was easier and italian almost acceptable this linguage Gosshhhhhhhhh is twistelling my tongue that i get often fever at my tongue's muscles

In the rest i dream also like every normal woman to find one day that charming prince on a white horse to take me away to his palace and make me few kids and live happilly married till the end of our lifes.

My mom says to me ..you dream to much , cant u just get awake and be more realistic?"

-Äi mommy, i replay, but its so great to dream that he will get off from work to stay with kids during i am at lady center making manicure and hairdressing or thats he will bring me to Arena stadium to see Ajax's games or hurrying home to be there when babysiter is coming to handle the kids so he can come and pick me up from work and going to theater for the late performing of an act or ballet at the opera...will be not nice to go alone shopings with him in stores without have him sick and tired of "shoooot not again women clothings and also to go with kids in hollydays on a boat cruise?

And my mom is looking shocked at me saying " Kati baby, u r sick , u really worrie me, cant u just find a normal dream not a fairytale?

And u better dont lose that shoe like Cinderela en porpose, coz the prince will might come to ask u to give him the other shoe as well and u will find yourself in naked feet

And my father also says - Ja Kati, take my example , i was also dreaming that i found the "beauty sleepy ' and i kissed her to make her mine and now after 35 years of marriage she is still sleeping, as about beauty....the creams did they work...And my mom replays angry " heck, is better that i am sleepy still as if i was awake i could realise that u never changed from the frog in a prince and u r still ungly like a frog.... and so on ..so on.. they tease each other..

How to not dream when i see them like that?

I also dream one day my hubby will tease me in the same way and both of us our kids

But ja also over internet people think i might be kind of fotomodel as i look pretty but i am not at all tall and skinny i am curvy and 1.68 m and well i will send u few pics now in the way i look now.

Hope u will have a great day and weekend as the week is almost finishing and your time in Iraq will not be so painfull.

friendly kisses


PS. I also turned 34 yo on 8 september which mean that i am also...almost 35 and thanks for the pic made in your apartament in amsterdam , i have been always wondering how those houses looks inside looks nice to me.

Hi Kati,

You are definitely a special woman. I think your right about your beauty, but in the future please keep your thoughts to yourself when you say “how beautiful you are”. Unfortunately, you did not compliment me on my pictures and say that I’m handsome or attractive. That is a sign to me that you are searching for monetary gain financially, instead of attraction and similarities with a man. Do not EVER sell yourself short like that sweet girl. May all your dreams come true.

well that turned off all my day!
i know the reason is fake as i spoke with a friend from usa and he said there is no way in american habbit a woman should say to men how handsome they r or how atrractive they are and if woman says not a man should get upset.
But yes he told me as well that he think that the fact i said something about coruption there is the main reason.
Well then sorry if that was the reason what can i do if we have CNN in Europe?
and if this was the reason this Bryan is such a fake person..
Dont u agree?

RelaxAndJustDoIt 41M

1/6/2006 2:02 pm

Hey Kati!

That guy is an idiot!

Seems he took a bit of a gamble giving so much info in his email, and he was lucky for you to respond so warmly.

From what I've seen from your blog, you're pretty, funny, and clever. I guess by getting vaguely political you just showed him you're smarter than he is, and scared him off.....

More likely he wanted a dirty reply from you to show to all his mates

Relax (Phil)

Arizonaman6969 62M
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4/13/2007 11:37 am

I can't help but find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with Mr. Relaxandjustdoit, either Bryan has image problems and requires reinforcement from the opposite sex or he's delusional and has a penis envy complex. Enjoyed reading your blog. Oh, what a shame you have CNN, fortunately we have Fox News over on this side of the pond so the suffering is not as acute as you must endure

perfectK 45F

4/15/2007 5:30 am

Dear Arizonaman

thanks for your post.Fortunatelly now when i post is more then 2 years i guess since i meet this Bryan.So..is past.In meantime i gave him the credit of being under irak or afganistan sindrom.Guess no matter where u come from as a soldier being there is a sure concern for not being normal human being anymore.
As for romanian soldier who are there i know for sure that they went for better salaries and getting their families out from poverty.
the question is ..
being cheated by your own gouvernemt makes u a brave citizen of your country?

To be onest i prefer to any soldier in the world a brave cowboy from Texas with blue eyes and who knows to ride a wild ...horse



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