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Now it was need to come with this correction as people missunderstood the other posts.
I am not against sex, i find it great, the most amazing thing between 2 persons.
I just personally dont like to be treated like is wrote on me " PUSSY ONLY".....makes me think how the door of a WC must feel with that sign on it
But, i am must admit i am a litlle bit different.
Because my desires and fetishes.
I like men in suits. Or naked in leather boots or strings..those sexy men strings from Pabo gets me nuts.
Yes, i do drive myself crazy sometimes when i see man on streets stylish dressed in suits..
But then they must also fit good in the suit.
now my fantesies are coming
First ..
in the offices (his or mine)i like him bended over desk and me sliding my hands in his pants, behind his shirt,touching there and here, especially his muscular hairy bum ,,, thats drive me really crazy ..to have my hands in his pants and touch his bum and going to the front to his balls... And i like to go further in totally control..
I will not tell u more coz is my fantesy not yours..
A second one i dreamed in the car coming home from Assen in the night after Betty;s wedding.
Theo drove me home, the hight way was all empty and dark , only the lights of car were lighting...and i closed my eyes , stucked in my seatbelt, imagine that there was not my good friend Theo but a younger copy of him, just the same very tall guy, blonde and blue- green eyes and that i was in love with this guy and had the urgent feeling to touch him.
I was imagining touching his legs and belly looking at him as he was looking devilish at me as he knew my manner of becoming horny.
He also got horny watching my brests in bra throught the 'see throught" black blouse..
There my bra's blue perles were shining in the sparkles of lights just giving a nice darkness view of whats hiding inside.
My man felt to touch them but was imposible as his right hand could not manage to sqeeze them over the blouse. I knew he is helpless and i went on teasing him harder and harder..The zipper went lose and my hand in his black network string drove his cock crazy.
He knew whats in my mind, he knew that i am playing hard , he knew that i am going to drive him nuts and after that in the big moment i will stop leaving him in pain of not be finished.He was use with me doing such dirty games and he knew that he is going to suffer.
He looked in my eyes and his blues dark eyes begged me to stop.
His mouth opened as well for begging me to stop and to have understanding but he could not get any sound out because i started to lick his lips for few seconds.
His face was turned to me so he was with his eyes to the road and his mouth to me...very uncomfortable but his tongue was just melting with mine.
His unbuttoned pants opened even more and his cock jumped out hard from his pants . He knew that this is the moment when i will stop and leave him in peace.... but this time i just decide i want something else.
I went under his arms bending over his cock and started to tease the top , licking and tasting his precum, coming to his mouth and share it with him. Again our tongues went wild during his eyes were stuck on road...
I saw the esthasiatic pleasure in his eyes but also the frightened feeling that in a second i will stop.
I just did not...i start to lick his top further and also very slow.. good sucking all around , teasing and sucking slowwww.....
When my moans went louder i heared him begging " Please kati dont stop,just please dont, not this time again ..."
As long i went on with my sucking and moanings as more he begged me not to stop..few times he felt to cum and i stoped but then i went further teasing him...
After a while i felt the car geting slow and few changins in directions and he made also few mouves with his hands that i did not understood as i was to busy..I just realise that more lights are around and the car stopped.
We were in a parking place of Shell's oil station and i was wondering why he stoped coz we never buy benzine from Shell.
Then he pushed me away ,he opened the door and left.
He come over my side , opened t my door grabbed me brutal out and sqeezing my right arm he opened the back door from my part, pushed me brutal inside as i was just a piece of meat without feelings. It was all to fast and i could not complain, i could not say something ..he was just to wild and hurting my arm.He come on the banch near me and dropped the door.
I was going to the other side of the banch almost near to fall in tears ..feeling dirty and abused when he grabbed me again and brough me over him. he started then to smile in devilish way and tells me
-Ok, U want to play, u like to drive me crazy all the time when we drive during night, now u cant escape, u can scream, u can yell , u can fight but is not going to help you.If your start to yelli will bite your lips and tongue .
Dont even try coz i will leave u without breath....
and he kept talking like this during his left hand was stucking me on his lap and the right hand was lifting my skirt up and he knew i wear scrotchless nylons always.
Even so i looked and his eyes and started to smile myself also devilish, i knew that if my nylons were normal he would have brake them.
His ways were now all open, no obstacle in his way as the wire of my small t-string was just away and he stucked all his hardon inside.
The feeling of being so brutal penetrated made my head falling over my back in an esthatic moaning and for few seconds i could not mouve as i wanted to feel my vagina's muscles getting the shape of his cock and sqeezing his cock.
Then i felt that warm juice invadating and i knew i am perfectly lubed.
The sensation of my bum cheecks"s skin over his pants, the sensation of my tits grabbed out in his hands and sqeezed ..gave me an elecrtic shock.
Then he hugged me and brought me over his chest and during my tits were resting hurted on his blue light shirt he started to kiss me and wisper me how much he wants me and adore me and how much i excite him..Those magic words who exprimed his love , those muscular hands around me, his sweet wet kisses and his eyes melted me in a lake of pleasure and love.
In the war of kisses i started to mouve my hips up and down and dance slowly in his cock.We were just melting each other and kissing and wispering sweet loving words and all the love i have for him come out.
I was keep looking in his eyes , hearing his words and i knew that i am always going to love him.
I start to lick his nose in a cheecky way as a puppy when is waiting for sumething good.And he knew that i am horny as hell and i expect a good fuck from him and he put his hands on my hips looked at me and wispering :
-so u want now to behave like a lil dirty horny bitch and want to be all fucked ... u need now your hormons cooled and your pervert man is going to have u just here in the parking place as i just picked you up front the street...how does that feel for you now...
But i felt excited and super horny as i knew is his way of talking dirty and i drove crazy in hid cock, mouving in cirlces , dancing , up and down and circles and all the time my moans become louder and louder but they were couvered by his breathing and kisses..
I went speedy as i felt like electric wires shocking me and in the magic moment when i felt to explode ....
Theo put his hand on my left knee and asked me if i feel bad , cold or if i had a nightmare
I had my mouth full with water and it was very hot in the car as i always like warm and Theo know that i am "snack body" and he makes warm.
It was frustrating but i knew i would not have dreamed the moment of orgasm as happened before to have erotic dreams but i can never get the feeling of the orgasm spasm..i always wake up before that moment.
Now i hope there will be another chance that i must be in awarm car during night driving to get my dream going on..

Ho many men are around capable to fullfil such a dream...Should i keep dreaming so, hoping that one day might happen or should i give it up and go for sex now and then losing myself and my feelings with all kind of guys who gets tongues out at the first open pussy"s picture

Is there any man tall , very tall,with blue-green eyes, wearing suits and having a great sexual apetite who will like to drive a classy woman crazy?

And this picture is me, the real me...

rm_csimple79 56M

6/13/2006 9:41 am

I think you are pessiminte
but Iam ok with you
a lot of fantasy but its interresting when he come reality

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