who is pepe squires?  

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11/28/2005 7:48 pm

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who is pepe squires?

He or I should say. Well it started out as a joke 5 years ago. I met a hot young chick hit it off great we had a lot in common I was 20 she was 18 and hot did I say that already.

Well we dated for 7 months then moved in together. It was so cool she was a stripper at the Lodge, and she helped with all the bills yes it does happen.So we were big into the swinger thing and going to sex party's and anything we wanted to.It was wonderful all the sex i wanted from the chicks she worked with I was in heaven.

Well we got into PORN yes PORN. That is where PEPE SQUIRES was born on the set of my first porn. You know how to do it take the name of your pet and the street that you live on.

One day we were looking through the Observer saw an ad in the back that said " WANT TO MAKE MONEY FOR HAVING SEX". Sure we said, well the number that we were to call was where we lived at the time so we called. We went to meet the man who lived 3 miles from us funny we thought.He had to take pics of her and said well what are u packing, kind of nervous I didn't think I could get it up for him but she went down on me and that made it all better,semi hard he said thats good enough y'all will work. The first of many were me another dude and my chick they paid well. We did a few that were just me and her, and some were 2 girls and me we did afew that were group like 3 guys and 2 girls all different kinds of shit. Some were filled here in Dallas and some in Calli, it was fun at the time no worries.Going to Calli was cool we got to work with some people that are in main stream now.I thought I was on the top of the world then boom 3months into it she got prego. Every thing stopped well at least for me, what to do I thought. Well I loved her so I proposed.
We got married..

STOP fast forward 3 months......

3 months after moving in we got pregnant, so things slowed down it was cool we had a kid on the way. 3 months into it she tells me it may not be mine after all that we were into I thought that she didn't cheat, ha little did I know. So we were married and I said well we will find out when it comes out. " Its a girl" Through the pregnancy I worked hard to support us but it never was good enough for her things went down hill from there. Always fighting bout this and that it sucked. OK the day of birth comes time to find out if it is mine. Fingers crossed here she came. A beautiful little girl that looked just like me . We still had
all the proper test to insure she was mine but I knew she was. Now this is the heart stopper her mother doesn't want to stay with us ka boom. My heart broke what I worked so heard to keep my family now she just picks up and leaves yep gone. She move in with a man that we used to do films for he is 47 fat and bald ye bald and fat but but worth 30 million or so. He is the one that she cheated one me with and continued
to during the pregnancy while I was working shitty u bet. It made me feel like I was worth nothing to anybody. But thats ok I have my little girl and she is the main reason for my being my reason for life she is my life...

Her mother comes and goes in and out of her life as she pleases no worries she has someone who will pay for her now. Me on the other hand I love to wake my baby girl up everyday get her dressed do her hair and take her to school well daycare atleast.. 3 years old she will turn on 12-20-05 my christmas giftfor the reat of my life and I love it . I get no help from her at all even with a court order to pay child support I never see it ever.

Waiting I need not wait I have made it for 2 years 11 months and 28 days without her help. But it has been a long and lonley road and now it is my turn to start to have fun that is why I joined this site to find fun,friends and maybe some to love and love me.

I am a good man a loving man, and well trained in the art of pleasing a woman. I'm 5'11 178 athletic and latino. I dont know what was just acomplished by what was just said but it should give u some insite to the past few years of my socalled life.

There is more to the story but u need to ask me about it in a latter conversation.

thanks for the time it took u to
read this Sincerly
yours Pepe Squires

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