Friends Lost  

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11/27/2005 7:31 pm

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Friends Lost

A friend was lost this weekend. Not in that you can't find him, that he will never be back. A young student 24, no wife or kids just school and life.

Well late friday nite a firend of mine was lost forever. Having known him 5 years he was a wonderful person and good to everyone that was good to him. He loved and was loved by his friends and family but also a twin. As we all grew older as friends he and his brother were very good friends. Always together they made it through thick and thin never at each others throut about anything, then.

Friday nite at a bonfire in longview Tx,a wasrun over by a drunk driver.that man was my friend.Run over while walking to his truck,cut down by some jackass that had no business driving. A life was cut short that should not have been. Now his twin brother that has always been by his side is there now. Not laughing or partying, but holding on to the lifeless hand that he once held in the womb 24 years ago.He sits praying that for the lord not to take his bestfriend his brother.

Now alone he knows not what to do. I wouldn't know eather, but in life there is death a big part of life that no one wants to come across. Having to go to a class where his brother sit with him, will no longer. Hollidays are the biggest times he will miss him but it was a holliday whan when a Friend was Lost, a statestic he has become.

Well I dont know what was just said just something I need off my chest I guess, I have never lost someone that close to me never want to but it is inevitable.

Te circle of life thay call it. What kind of circle ends only half drawn?

Love your life nomatter what. You never know whe your time on this earth is up.

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