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8/18/2005 8:34 pm

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undecided ...............

I think the hardest thing about writing these are what to put for the "title" Cause me I can ramble on and on at times so I usually never run out of things to talk about .

I am mainly looking for new friends out here in cyberland . First I would like to find someone or some people to communicate with on the net . I don't have a problem with chatting with women either . Not for anything sexual just to make new friends . And yes people I know what this site is all about . SEX SEX SEX and more SEX.
I like sex and I am very good at it and I enjoy it very much with the right person . But come on lets get real friendship has to begin before you can have good fun sex with someone.

I have been checking out others blog they are so much fun to read . Come on people can't you tell that I am bore as hell here . My son has been out with his friends so that leaves me at home by myself . Its time for me to get a life and really get out there and enjoy it . Ok I am not always bored just right at this moment I am . If anyone would like to respond please feel free too .
Hope to hear from all you people out there in cyber land ......... well not all of you

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