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penwill2004 55F
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8/14/2005 7:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

just me

This is my first time doing this . Didn't even know what a blog was until today . What a word?
I wonder just who came up with the word "Blog"

I guess I could tell alittle about myself . Thats always so hard for me cause at times I wonder if I really know who I am .

I am a 43 y/o single mother living in a small town in the southwest part of Iowa . Not alot goes on in this town . My daughter is 20 and a few months ago she finally moved out on her own . Its not that I don't love my daughter cause I do but it had been hell raising her . There were times I didnt think I was going to make it . It's not that she is a bad person . Just that her and I didnt get along very well . It could be cause when she was little I spoiled her and so did everybody else . Then I have my son who is 15 . He can get alittle mouthy every once in awhile but he knows when to quit . Just a couple months ago we found it he was a diabetic . He is on insulin 4 times a day . Got to give the kid alot of credit . He has pretty much got it under control . He went from a fasting Blood sugar of 511 mg/dl and now it runs between 60 and 110 mg/dl . Which is a normal range for BS . Of course he will be on insulin shots for the rest of his life . But if he watches his diet and exercise and takes his meds he will live a good life .

I guess I really don't have a life outside of my children . But I can tell you this . What really sucks is when you have your computer on and all of a sudden you get a message from someone and the first thing they want to know is if you want to have cybersex. OH please give me a break . I dont know about all you people out there but my computer is right in the middle of my house where everybody can see it . Like I am going to be setting at my computer typing and masterbating at the same time . Where my computer is you can look right in or out of my front door .

I have noticed off yahoo personal getting messages from either one man using different id names or several different men . And when they first start chatting with you calling you "babe" and saying things like " I think I am in love with you " what they think I am stupid or what. And to top it all off . They all say the same thing . That they live in the United States but are in Africa for whatever reason . And they want to send me flowers but need to know my address . Please I am 43 y/o and I know men . Think I am that stupid to tell them my address . I also got a message from a woman then I guess her b/f and wanted to know if I wanted to see a pic of the women getting her pussy eaten by a dog . I am gonna jump right on that one . Where the hell do these people came from ? Those a just a few things that bug me . I am far from a stupid person . I like to get to know a person first and I can tell if a person is really the type of person I want to get to know . And I am no fool what so ever.

So if anyone sees this and is not trying to scam me or something then by all means lets chat. But if you are not truthful I will know so dont waste my time or yours
I guess I will end this for now and see just what happens with it .

rm_Ron_145 58M
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9/29/2005 11:12 pm

you sound very interesting to me and I know what you mean about being careful. I think I would like to get together with you some tome for dinner, lets talk some and find out if we are compatible


rm_Ron_145 58M
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9/30/2005 6:00 pm

I qm pretty busy with harvest right now lets see when we can give it a shot

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