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6/24/2005 2:56 pm

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Man On Top

My husband and I had a fight recently.

We were at a hotel and it had reached the point where I threw my high heeled shoe down... and hit his foot. Oops!

That was followed by a wrestling match on the bed. I'm not making this up.

Thing is... when we reached the peak of anger, he had me pinned down, both hands around my wrists and his body directly on mine.

And suddenly all my anger drained away, and all I noticed was his warm body pressing down on mine. And feeling helpless. And, damned if that wasn't the sexiest feeling!

I don't know if he felt what I was feeling, but there was a dead silence for a minute. And all I could think was, "please fuck me... just slide your leg in between mine... show me you want me... let me feel your cock get hard against my pussy... "

Then we got up. And that was that. Somehow -- even though it was unspoken -- I think that moment of heightened sexual awareness broke through the anger and reminded us of who we were, and that we love each other.

He apologized. He spooned me. We fell asleep. It was actually -- for a fight -- a pretty cool experience.

The only thing better would be to have him look down at me and move in between my legs, letting me feel his cock against my pussy. Then start kissing me from my lips to my neck, then rip the shirt right off me and suck on my nipples. In the meantime, his hands are setting his cock free and I'm taking off my jeans and panties. Lips lock and he starts fucking me, hard.

Yep, that would've been better. But that's fantasy for ya!

Maybe next time.



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