Hubby Is Home  

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6/27/2005 4:03 pm

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Hubby Is Home

Hubby is home. First night: sex. Jane says, "Mmmm, good!"

I was surprised, actually. I thought he'd be tired from his long flight. But I guess after a week without it, it's understandable.

I was ready for it again the next morning, and he didn't disappoint.

I actually took a lot of your great advice on how to handle his balls and, sorry to say, I don't know if it did any good because when I asked, he said he's not very sensitive down there BUT... ! We did have fun. [Nothing wrong with the advice; I think, like y'all said, we're all different.]

I definitely spent more time on his cock, just stroking and rubbing, playing, moving. It was SO NICE! Mmmm...! That got him hot, and he actually was more verbal than I've ever heard him before... so thanks for all the great encouragement!

He started diddling with my pussy, and ended up spooning me, his hand between my legs.

I was definitely hot and wet...

And next thing I know, bam! He just goes ahead and, without warning, PLUNGES his BIG, HARD COCK in me!

Now let me tell you, this is NOT typical!

My hubby is a sweet sweet gentle man. He gets forceful only when I ask.

So for him, out of the blue, to just start fucking me like that -- OMG! Dream come true, baby. It was SO fucking good!!!

Y'know how really hot sex with someone you love sorta makes your eyes water? (Well, it does for me; not often, but every once in a blue moon.) Well, heck, that's how good it was. Mmmm... Fantastic!

God, it felt good.


This morning, I was sitting here typing (regular email in the front, AdultFriendFinder running in the background -- just in case he wandered over, which he likes to do)... and he came over and apologized for a little tiff we had last night and pressed his cock into my back!

No big deal, right? Well, maybe not for you, but remember, we're talking about my husband!

Much as I love him and can go on and on about how beautiful his body is, I won't lie and say he's always horny. (That would be me, baby. I'm the horny one.)

But for him to do that was shocking -- and fantastic!

I think there's just something about being on AdultFriendFinder. Gets the juices going, gets y'all feeling sexy, and you just never know what wonderful vibes you're sending out.

I wonder if subconsciously, he's picking up on the change in the air... and he's starting to play along with it.


Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take advantage of his hard-on... but still, it was fun just to feel.

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