Life changes...  

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8/2/2005 7:27 am

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Life changes...

Just came out of a two year pretty intense (in the good way) relationship. Rapidly moving towards the forties I was feeling some sort of cold creepy wind blowing in the back of my neck - what the hell was wrong with me, didn't manage to keep me relationships working. Perhaps I have been looking for the wrong thing.

Spent a faboulus time with friends, their children in a boat in sort of sunny Stockholm. We decided to 'ditch' the children and move out to the city.

At the bar we decided, being just a bit drunk - ey let's have some James Bond (Vodka and Champagne). All of a sudden my best friend (the father) was called home to help out with the previously ditched children. I was stuck with a bottle of champagne, fortunately I was not too intoxicated to realise that I really really shouldn't drink all that on my own. I looked around, at the bar there were two, nice looking, in their thirties women ordering their last call.

-" Hey, I have a seroius problem here, I will under no circumstances be able to dring this bottle on my own..."

And to my surprise, it sort of worked. Hurray, I'm still sociably acceptable *lol* We continued drinking whatever we had and decided to go to next open bar. At the same time the 'father' reappeared.

At the next stop we managed to get a table, God knows how that happened - at that time it shouldn't be possible.

They had these square things to sit on, so I had my hand on my own knee, it constantly brushed against the black haired interesting women, let's call her C, sitting next to me. Beeing the sexual frustrated newly separated myself, my pants become very small. Talking around the subject we managed to get out most of our mutual oppionins about relationships - none of us wanted a long term relationship, but alas what one really need is the touch of another person.

We were then kicked out when the bar closed and all four of continued home to C's appartement, a small one-room typical Stockholm appartment, drank some more wine, listened to music. A classic trad walz (Fredrik Ă…kare, for you Swedes) was played and we danced, I was really hard, we were dancing as close as we could, our lips met in a 'all over the face kiss'. (at this time our friends decided to leave the scene)

We threw ourselves on the bed,she said something " you can be pretty decisive and rough if you want" I was sitting over her and smiled and gave her nice warm long kiss, then with one movement I pulled hear top over hear head and released her bra. I gently caressed hear breasts and nipples which instantly grew in my mouth. Working my tounge downwords to the belly-bottom I opened up hear jeans and took them and the panties off. While standing up talking off my own clothes I saw the morning lights playing on her tanned skin, the breasts lifting under heavy breathing - our naked bodies melted together. My tongue slided into her soaking pussy - the salty taste filled by being.

My fingers was searching her G-spot and in a moaning twist, I knew I was right, another finger was seaking her anus and it was let in with C relasing a lustful sigh. I entered hard as ever and started gently thrusting as far as I could, with C moaning gently, she rolled over - she took my cock in her hand and put it against her anus, I wet my hands and massaged the entry with slipry saliva. I said, "you're in charge" - she gave me directions and moved her ass in gentle movements I could feel more and more of my cock going in. She moaned 'I'm so thight' and kept on gently pushing onwards.

Once again she rolled over and I was sitting on top of her, she took my cock in one hand and my balls in the other gave me a crescendo type handjob. We lay down besides and I entered her again, we fell asleep.

The morning after we had breakfast, I gave her my phone number, she looked at me and said - " You mustn't get dissapointed if I don't call you" I said "No I won't, but if you in a months time or three, would call me I'd be pleasantly surprised"

My life wasn't over, perhaps I was only starting a new one.

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