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8/4/2005 11:56 am

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Feedback - Me like

I got some interesting feedback on my last post. Many thanks for that even if the last one might be interpreted in more than one way.. or else it is the English not being my native language creating hiccups.

Anyway, as 'nightstogether' so eloquently puts it decisions of that kind is based merely on emotions. And for someone like myself who has been working hard during my life to never put myself in a potentially embarrassing situation - it has proven difficult to truthfully follow ones emotions.

But when I broke up from my last girlfriend a couple of months back I also promised myself not to hold back. It is a constant struggle, but I'm improving every day.

So even if she won't go out with me, I hope she will feel happy for the attention (I know I would) and I feel better with myself for not letting a potential moment pass right by me. Another step to liberation.

The other comment... I still haven't really figured it out yet. But, first of all, I did try knitting when I was about ten.. it was way too complicated - I stick to powertools and yacht crafting. But the Metallica concert would have been nice as a offering - but alas they don't come nearby that often these days... And with regards to the hmm.. classical content of her show. I wouldn't try that on a first date *lol*

Another time with another person.

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