Anal - to give or get?  

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8/9/2005 10:16 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Anal - to give or get?

I was certainly misinterpreting the world some years back. "Everyone" (you know as in everyone else) seemed to be very much into anal sex and especially pure penetration.

My question to these guys was.. Hmm.. Have you tried it yourself, I mean 4 to 5 cm in diameter in the rear end, for most just have to heart.

Most of the times I only got a look back saying.. "Doh.. stupid of course not"

Anyway, I have personally always treated it as a very erogenous place and have loved when someone stuck a finger there and so on. But, I have only met two or three ladies into anal penetration. In a mission in my newly found singleness I decided to further more explore myself - I bought me self a vibrating but plug *smile* - the smallest I could find, but it was just right for me.

Not for every time, but once in while - my God it is a different feeling. If you haven't tried it and you don't suffer from any homophobia or other phobias - go get one

Now I only looking for some beautiful women to run the remote for me....

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