Would You Ever Take A Chance?  

pearlnecklace22 53F
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6/25/2006 11:53 am

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11/8/2006 2:32 pm

Would You Ever Take A Chance?

If you were walking at the side of the road,with a heavy load on your back, thinking to yourself will this road will ever end?. As you look ahead the road seems endless with the heat upon you,as you look up at the sky.

After a while you become tired and weary and decides to rest for a while under a tree that was giving out shade... you take the load off your back.... then you start to drink from your water bottle. You start to think I might just rest here for a while..... as your eyes become heavy then soon enough your asleep.

Time still goes on while your asleep and then suddenly you wake up by the sound of a car's wheel.... but it was to late to stop it.

So you pkt up your heavy load again and started walking.... still the sun was up ....then you think to yourself I must have only took a nap when it seems like forever.

As you look ahead the road seems still endless... as you think to yourself why do I put myself in this situation... then all of a sudden a car pulls over.... you look at the car which looks new then looks at the driver.... your not to sure whether to jump into the car or not.... but you still have a long way to travel with a heavy load so you decide why not take the chance.

At first none said anything and you ponder what to start to say... then the driver spoke clearly and sounded friendly but didn't look friendly so you talk back to the driver.... time goes on and soon you and the driver become bonded into a conversation.

As the time seems to fly by now you see in the distance a town coming ahead and you didn't want to burden the driver anymore so you ask "if you could be dropped off there"....

The driver looked puzzled as I noticed the looked on the face confused looking I asked " what is the matter" The driver said to me " I thought you wanted to go to ..." I looked stunned and said " yes I do" The driver said " well we can stop here to be refreshed for awhile as I need to fill my tank... then I will gladly take you to where you what to go"

I was in a state of shock by what the driver said. Thinking to myself in a world full of busy people here is someone that is kind enough to take time from a busy time appointment to where I needed to go. wow I thought not many people would ever consider doing that for a stranger. I started to think of what to say if I might say the wrong answer to refuse or say yes and that you would appreciate it very much.

As the driver drove into the stop to fill up the tank you still think of what to say as you find yourself going into the coffee shop for something to eat and drink.... the driver walks in after a while and you offer something for the drive yet quietly said " no its ok" and order what was on special.

Then the driver sits down with me as we started talking again I felt relaxed finally talking to someone after being on the road for 2 days then I asked " why would you take me all the way to where I am going" the driver responded " I would like to see you there safely".

I shook my head to what the answer was knowing that time is short for the driver but then I smiled and said....." thank you for you kindness there aren't many people that would even consider what you just said yet I would be pleased that you would take me there.

As we finished eating and drinking we got back into the car as the driver started to drive off I looked out of the window and thought to myself there was I... on the road wondering if I would ever get to where I was headed then a chance came along glad I took it.

Now me and the driver seems to hit a friendship I never thought it would ever happen as I was on my own traveling down the road.

Would you ever take a chance that could lead you to a new friendship or would you still be traveling on the road.?

alchemistz9 57M

6/25/2006 12:39 pm

Hi pearlnecklace,

I'd take the chance - everytime.

I had a similar experience many years ago, was hitching and a lady picked me up, said she'd drop me at the town where our routes split, but in the end drove me home to my door, at 4am, because, like your friend, she wanted me to get home safely...

Makes life wonderful, doesn't it?

rm_katetonite 49F

6/25/2006 12:50 pm

It's a chance for driver and hitchhiker. Usually I would not take that chance, but sometimes you have to, like if your car is broken. Even a police car pulling up to help is a chance really, as it could be a fake cop. Life is risk I guess. Personally, every time I step onto an airplane I do it with an agreement to myself I may never make it to my destination alive. I figure if I do, I am lucky. I think of all the dorks and bad service in retail places - surely the same must apply to all those who work in airlines. I'm putting my life in unknown hands. So I hope to get there, but don't expect it.

wickedeasy 67F  
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6/25/2006 2:08 pm

i take chances but not that kind

you were very lucky

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

pearlnecklace22 replies on 6/26/2006 7:19 am:
Thank you wicked for you input it meant alot to me

swt_tx64 52F

6/25/2006 4:25 pm

~well sis ...taking chances seems to be all i do lately...but the chances i take are mostly of the heart...the kind where the consequences kill a lil bit of your soul everytime they end in dissapointment...would i take a chance like hitchhiking...with my physical being...well my answer now would be no...but i am lucky and as long as i have family would never be in that situation...but if my hand was forced...i guess we always do what we have to do to survive dont we?'~

HoofsSlugsEmail 51F

6/25/2006 7:24 pm

Dear Sis,

The only time where I saw people freely giving rides to people was in Israel. Everyone is conscripted into the service for several years of service. Most people didn't have cars and when I visited it was quite common for young soldiers to hitch a ride - and be given a ride. Our host was a former masad member and told me that he had never heard of anyone being kidnapped, or robbed. Although, it's important to note all the soldiers (men and women) carry M-16s though ...perhaps that lessens the risk I don't know. But I do remember hitching a ride to the airport with my friend and her newly acquired friend in Israel too. So, maybe I took that chance. But not nearly as chancey as the one you described.

DragonWycke 63M
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6/26/2006 12:36 am

I have to admit, you really know how to weave a stry.. I will to u what, I do agree with u and your decision, but I have a little different spin on it. I would have jumped at the chance..I would have just rushed in , because I feel, that anytime you meet someone...and a bond starts to form, that in ur heart u just have to set caution aside. we were meant to be with and care for those around us, if purchance we come about a real evil, I would hope that I could sense it...if not , then it was meant to be...I have hitched across the country, of course I was younger then, but you would never believe the kind of people u meet...all kind of wanting that little spark to also pass on...one time, I sat with a homeless man by the side of the street, shared his wine and talked with him for many hours, I have picked up riders and taken them to some of the roughest places Detroit has to offer...giving her a couple of bucks to by food and milk for her kids..and coming out with 40 ouncers of beer instead, just had to shrugg it off, and took her to her door... Every experience I have had...be it good or bad...has been a blessing to me...and also..just maybe..a blessing to them...keep up the though provoking posers, they are delightful...DW

okiebulldog61 55M
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6/26/2006 12:49 am


We all take chances in our everyday lives..an hopefully they were the right choices for good...o know i am a better person for them..and yes i would take that chance an have..met lots of nice friendly people

ButteryDelight 58F

6/26/2006 11:05 am

I'm not sure I would have taken that chance and accepted a ride with a strange man, Pearl. Doing that here and you could wind up dead. But, I have taken other chances in life. I took a chance joining this site and in opening myself up and writing a blog. Some chances I feel are good for us as they help us to grow and mature.

Buttery Delight

rm_MustangD6644 52M
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6/26/2006 6:29 pm

I agree with a lot of what Buttery had to say. If we dont take some chances then we dont grow and mature, so if we play safe everytime we slowly wither and die. Why do you think that recorded history is full of the tales and exploits of explorers and adventurers as opposed to the lives of the meek. Its because we know and understand that they took a risk and won or perished in the attempt.

You dont have to scale Mt Everist, but you can take small calculated risks everyday. Make a new friend by saying hello to someone new even if its just for a chat. You may surprise yourself with what you learn from that person.


booboosm8 62M
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6/28/2006 3:30 pm

In a word..yes pearl I would have taken the chance,and relating it,like you have done to the hitchhiking is one way understanding it,however,the cyber highway can often be just as dangerous,often people are not what they seem,but finding that out is often a challenge,and can be rewarding,not all r/t relationships work....chance meeting in a pub/club,workmate,friend of a friend,the list is never ending.How long does that take to develope,what have we in common,anything/nothing ? We get but one chance in this life,and often say..if only..maybe I should have...I wish I'd....I'm not saying you should go blind into anything,far from it,take precautions,do your homework....have that gut feeling,we all make mistakes,the learning how we made them is the rewarding part.The road 'never ends'


rm_servingmrbig 45F
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6/29/2006 5:05 pm

i read this more as a parable, my dear friend, of how often we try to struggle through life on our own when Providence is there to lend a hand. It is the greatest type of chance we take at times to let someone, known or unknown help us, as so often we come to a place where we feel our pride is all we have left. And yet, grace comes to the humble. . . and serendipity in unexpected ways. Wisdom is often simple, but a hard road, nonetheless. And so much of our decisions are only in focus in hindsight. . . So yes, i'd take a chance, not a gamble, but a chance. i think chance is necessary to live.


rm_Melciber 61M
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6/30/2006 3:22 am

When I hitched - I took just those chances. I went all sorts of places, regularly, on a daily basis on the good-will (and competency) of a motor driver.

Now I provide the ride - I give people the chance to go where they ask - within 40 klicks. So long as they are standing where I can stop.

Regarding trust . . .
People are always short in some department - - - its the ones that make out that they aren愒, that I distrust.

. . . and I am not sure I would hitch-hike if I were a single young woman in the early part of the 21stCentury in the Australian outback with no-one knowing where I am . . .

Regarding taking chances . . .
Saing "yes" to what you want and "no" to what you don愒, gives you freedom to learn who you are. The chances spring from those choices. Why would you not want to pick the fruits of your labours?

passion7523 51M
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7/13/2006 7:09 pm

Yeah In life i think there are many times we past by chances some because we are too busy and blind to see and others out of fear and insecurities or from just being shy and certainly potentially missed out on some treasures ,and unfortunately some chances we wish we never taken..i guess sometimes even when it doesnt end up well at least we are wiser for having taken that chance .

i like the saying by ts eliot which goes "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go"

your post made me reflect a time when i was taking chances taken at least once a week but they i certainly wouldnt encourage this type of risk taking these days!
i hitchiked a lot during my younger years thought nothing much of it but hey i would never dream of letting my kids hitch these days,even bach then i hitchiked from brisbane to melb and back when i was seventeen ,so yeah even in those carefree days ,, though i was lucky and most people are simply so wonderful a couple of situations were potentially very nasty ,one involved me jumping out the back of the ute on a lonely road near cann river and hiding till the early hours of the morning before i walked many a mile back to the highway and continued my hike to melbourne.. dont know whether he meant be any harm ,or didnt like hippee types and just wanted to scare me but he ignored my request to stop the ute and let me off so fortunately the road was pretty bumpy and we were going pretty so slow, who knows, maybe i overreacted maybe i didnt ,anyway im still kicking now ,but then another one during my school years again at night hitching into the city from beenleih i grew up in qld my mate and i, he had long hair , i think the three guys who stopped to pick us up thought they had picked up a couple, the guy in the back who i sat next too was covered with a blanket im sure he was naked underneath and touching himself.,,yeah made my blood turn cold, and when we got in the guy in the front said..f...k&* that was it then nothing was said not a hi where youre going ..nothing just deathly silence so about two three ks along ..felt like forever ,i said shit to my mate lee i forgot my wallet we need to go back can you please let us off ..the driver still said nothing ..screehed to a stop and and let us off,and then took off like dukes of hazzard!,the only words to that point (beside the expletive that greeted us) that were said were mine and then lee and i looked at each other and both said f.........ck that was creepy!! And the longest it took me to get a lift was about 24 hours apparently some hitchiker had knocked the crap out of someone who picked him up and stolen his car..a month earlier in that town!.Sorry im getting off track amazing how many memories come back when you start to write!!!i think ive become a blog junkie ...lol have to stop my business is suffering!! nice to read your blog pearlnecklace peace and hamony Passion

BadAssBlonde1 57F
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9/9/2006 9:56 am

Dear pearl,

As far as chances go, yes I have taken them. I would like to think at this point in my life I am more cautious that I used to be. Throwing caution to the wind and all that. Never, would I have made that jump. Not even in my younger tender years. However, I have been known to be one that takes risk. Mix all that together and there ya have it. Be it good, bad or ugly life has taken on many winding paths. Peace and Bright Blessings to you.

For all Time,
Lady Hunter {=} in the wind to you sweetness.

After all the sex is gone, there is the mind - Lady Hunter / BAB

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