Beth needed to orgasm  

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3/12/2006 9:07 am

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Beth needed to orgasm

Beth needed help to orgasm, and I was the lucky one to experience her loud and joyous release. She was a BBW who was beautiful because she believed she was, and she knew she deserved to feel what she was lacking. And it was not because she didn’t have dates and traditional sexual experiences. She was frustrated because she could not share her orgasm with them. The problem was she needed clitoral stimulation during penetration, but her clit was too far away from her vagina to allow it during fucking. My willing hands and mouth gave her what she needed so much, and it was beautiful.

We met Personal back when it was free and you were free to express yourself. I don’t know what it is about Texans, but they are bold and not afraid to go after what they want. After exchanging a few emails, she invited me over to her house ‒ even without exchanging a single photo. But in my heart and I’m sure she in hers, we knew it was right. It was a bright early summer day during my lunch hour. She worked at night, so the timing was good ‒ she was fresh and my excitement and motivation were sparking. She answered the door with a beautiful smile and was wearing a sun dress and I imagined (and was right) nothing underneath. We talked for a while about her, and it was exciting to see just how well she knew herself and what she needed ‒ and a permanent man was one she could take or leave. She stood and said she wanted me to hug her. We kissed lightly and she was warm and inviting. She took me by the hand to her bedroom and lied down on her stomach ‒ as she did she lifted her dress just enough to reveal her glistening lips. I rubbed her back for a while but it was clear as she raised her buttocks that she wanted to get on with what we were there for. I worked my way over her firm buttocks to that glorious moment of first touch to her warm, wet and eager womanhood. She cooed with approval and got on her knees for me, which was such a trusting gesture that my heart skipped a beat. There just for me to enjoy was her most private, sensitive and vulnerable flesh waiting for the joy it could give us. She wanted me to talk a lot since she was facing away. She asked me if I liked what I saw, and my heavy breathing surely gave away my excitement more than just the words, “Oh, yes!” I gave her some introductory licks and told her how good she was. I worked in three fingers and to my surprise, her cervix was close enough to be tickled and this started it to sucking very quickly. She said she loved that sound and I assured her there was nothing more reassuring. Without much more effort I worked in a fourth finger, but it was clear no more would fit. I kept them in to the knuckles and did not pull them out at all for a long time. I worked them around and wiggled my fingers inside her feeling her walls and tickling that sucking cervix. I teased her clit, but not too much. I waited until she started to push backwards before I started moving my fingers in and out. As I did so, I frenched her clit and began to pump my hand hard. She helped with the movement and said she loved what I was doing to her clit. Her breathing got rapid in a hurry and she gasped that she was going to cum. It was a long release for her of deep, joyous yelps. It seemed like more than a minute until she finally exclaimed that she didn’t think she could take anymore. I still had my fingers in her and was rubbing her hips and back with my other hand. I slowly removed my fingers and admired the beauty of her spent state. We embraced for a while and she said she needed to nap. The look of pure release on her face as the sunlight filled the room is a wonderful memory. I often masturbate to the memory of her orgasm.

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