Supprise Day  

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6/1/2006 10:31 am

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Supprise Day

WOW. I woke up this morning with a hand on my dick that was not mine. She was hotter than a griddle and in the mood. As I turned toward her my hand came to rest on the worlds most beautiful pussy, soft warm wet and waiting for me. My fingers found their way inside as I carresed her softness and for the first time in weeks I heard a low moan as her hips rose from the bed to meet my exploring hands.

Hard On? like a iron stake, I rolled on top of her and plunged this bald headed monkey deep into her throbbing, pink, wet pussy hole. What a sensation, as we lay there in this intimate embrace she moved ever so slightly under me grinding our bodies together in unbelieveable passion. Over the next forty or so minutes we fucked, I ate that gerogeous pusse licked the juice from it and nibbled the clit untill she could not take any more. I plunged back into her for the third time this morning and she arched her back thrusting her brests up begging for my attention. I glady gave her the attention she diserved.

I am driving into her deeper, she is moaning and shuddering and then, then, then just as I am about to explode-----------------------------------------------------------------

The alarm goes off!

Laurieinny64 72F

6/1/2006 6:36 pm


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