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5/31/2006 7:48 pm

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Real People

I am learning that there some real people on here. You let me complaign and bitch about my life when several of you have much larger problems that mine. For each of you I offer my ear and shoulder.

Now for the rest, where are we. I did not sleep much last night stayed very aroused and frustrated ended up sleeping on the couch (my choice to keep from waking up my wife. She is not real good health right now) I am a bit of a nerd, aren't I.

Maybe so but who are you all to judge me. I am a person who has paid the price for where and what I am and what I gave up to get here. We make choices and get from life exactly what we give it. In this world you can have what ever you want if you are ready tp pay the price. I told a young lady earlier today she could have anything she wanted in the world if she wanted to pay what the price the world demanded.

At this point in my life I want more sex and have decided to pay what the world asks to get what I want. The delima I face is how to keep people I care about from paying a huge unfair price for my venture.

Thanks for opinions and suggestions

Until next time;.

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