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6/7/2006 1:26 pm

Damm I am horny today If I do not fuck something pretty soon I will cum in my pants. Could be embarassing.

Everyone i have met here is looking for something all different yet all the same. We all want to feel the feelings we have and share them with the world. To bad that this is the only place where we are completely open and honest. At least I am.

I do not want to leave my wife and I do not want a substitute. She is an attractive soft and loving person. Every night I go to bed stark naked. Every night she wears a tee shirt and panties, not the sexy kind but your basic white briefs. She seldom says no when I place my hands under her shirt and caress her brests. She tolerates the attention but I am not sure she likes it.

That is the limits, the pussy is off limits except for a couple of times per month on a saturday or sunday morning when we do not have to sit for our grand daughter or have something else we have to do in the AM. Sex with us a couple of minutes of spanking the pussy then she demands that I lay on top, fuck her for a couple of minutes get off and lay close. Now understand that Is not my schedule.

I want to feel her every inch of body, caress her from the top of her head to the botton of her feet. Including the feet and head. Follow the caress with tiny kisses exployeing hands and full body massage her body to mine. I would pay a lot of attention to her face neck ears breasts inner arms hands stomach back butt thighs back of her knees calves and feet. I would kiss her feet lick her toes and run my toung all the toes feet between the toes kiss back up the legs caress gently pinch and bite my may to her pussy where I would give it the toung lashing of a lifetime while fucking her crazy with my fingers. just as the top blows off her orgasm I would ram my hot throbbing dick deep into her ;pussy, pumping with long powerful plunges and bringing her to climax after orgasm afterh climax after orgasm.

I have told some of my friends that they have to share in the responsibility of a working relationship with me. I am not going the carry it alone. Email me message me, phone me where appropriate, send me photos etc. you will get the same and more.

I would love nothing more than having hot hands and mouth on my dick. My wife does not touch it unless it is in the shower ( we useually shower together ) when washing it for me she treats it like it is a hand or foot or arm or let. No passion no feeling just mechanical scrub it rinse now get out and dry it.

I love to be naked in the house you would think i was not there, Her hands never touch me. I work out naked she is in another room. Try to talk about sex or passion or fucking no way. We can talk about dogs all day there is nothing she doesn"t know about dogs and we do not show or breed them. We have 6 she feeds them and does bursh them but I generally walk them clean up the mistkes, clean the dog pen, give the daily multiple meds (she believes in resuce dogs with medical problems our vet bills run into the thousands yearly and it is not even a deductible expense.

Absolutely no sex at night, we can watch hours of law and order, missing persons, detective bullshit or dog shows but nothing on discovery channel, outdoor, documentary, movies, absolutely no porn, no pay per view ( and we have it) no cuddling on the couch and if ever we get close enough to touch a dog barks or wants to go out, the phone rings, my daughter comes in (lives next door) grand daughter comes in, etc etc. I am so fucking tired of this bullshit that I have to find some excitement elsehere thanks to you all this is my therapy.

I truly hope to find a fuck buddy. Sopmeone I can say to I need a fuck or she can say I need a fuck and that is just what happens. In person, on the phone, on email or instant message.

This is to long. More later, I love my wife I need to fuck my brains out a lot more often that I am or I am going to go blind fucking mother thumb and her daughters.

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